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Introduction edit this book is very easy to understand the basic concept of PHP language, the use of methods and considerations. Through a wealth of examples, the book leads the reader to master the popular web development language, allowing readers to get started writing PHP scripts for common scenarios. This book is suitable for readers with basic HTML experience to read. Book Catalog Editor 1th PHP overview 1 2nd Chapter Variable 22 3rd Chapter HTML form and PHP 35 4th use the Value 56 5th chapter Use String 74 6th Chapter Control Structure 98 7th Chapter Use Array 134 8th Chapter Create Web Application 165 9th Chapter cookie and Sessi On 211 10th CREATE function 239 Chapter 11th files and Directories 258 12th Chapter Database Introduction 296 13th Chapter Regular Expression 333 Appendix A installation and Configuration 350 Appendix B Deep learning PHP Resources 365 ...

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PHP Basics Tutorial PDF

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