PHP cannot send session cache limiter

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Cannot send session cache limiter


Warning:session_start (): Cannot send session cache Limiter-headers already sent (output started At/home/canna/public_h tml/sites/default/settings.php Tutorial: 130) In/home/canna/public_html/includes/ on line 10

Warning:cannot Modify header Information-headers already sent by (output started At/home/canna/public_html/sites/defau lt/settings.php:130) In/home/canna/public_html/includes/ on line 99.

Any tips tutorial, ideas or solutions welcome:)
Before I dig into the PHP (about which I know little or Nothing):-(

Warning:session_start () [Function.session-start]: Cannot send session cache Limiter-headers already sent (output Starte D at E:phpcodeadmin.php:1) in e:phpcodelogolistadminlogo.php 2

Search on the Internet, some people say because in session_start (); There are other HTML code before the statement, but my session_start (); Already in front of the.
There are also said that because there is no session save path, you need to modify the php.ini in Session.save_path = "C:/phpsession" [The path behind the set itself, and to ensure existence. php.ini files should normally be located under the system disk/windows directory]

But I still have this hint after I set it up. Then after repeated testing, finally solve the problem.
Modify Session.auto_start = 0 for session.auto_start = 1 in php.ini

Warning:cannot Send session Cache Limiter-headers already sent (output started At/home/alltom/public_html/flame/templa in/home/alltom/public_html/flame/ on line 550

Whats wrong with that? I mean why am I getting it??

Line 547 into

Session_set_save_handler (' Sess_open ', ', ', ' sess_read ', ' sess_write ', ' Sess_destroy ', ' sess_gc ');
Session_name (' s ');
Session_name (' s ');
Session_Start ();

Im has problems with session_start () through out of the site, any help???

Look at an example

Session_Start ();

Echo ' Welcome to page #1 ';

$_session[' favcolor '] = ' green ';
$_session[' animal ' = ' cat ';
$_session[' time ' = time ();

Works if session cookie is accepted
Echo ' <br/><a href= ' page2.php ' >page 2</a> ';

Or maybe pass along the session ID, if needed
Echo ' <br/><a href= ' page2.php? Sid. ' >page 2</a> ';

and then;? Cannot have any characters before
But there are a few I haven't tried, they are
The Output_buffering=off in 1.php.ini is changed into output_buffering=4096
Is the Session.save_path set in the 2.php.ini?
The Session.auto_start = 0 in the 3.pgp.ini is changed into Session.auto_start = 1


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