PHP Framework-What is the level of PHP learning to learn the framework more appropriate?

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PHP learned for some time, do not know how to be good. Feel that their foundation is not enough, is to keep writing and writing it? Or do you start contacting the framework?
If you continue to write, what are the good items to write about?
If you learn the framework, will laravel be suitable?

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PHP learned for some time, do not know how to be good. Feel that their foundation is not enough, is to keep writing and writing it? Or do you start contacting the framework?
If you continue to write, what are the good items to write about?
If you learn the framework, will laravel be suitable?

See how clear, clean, and maintainable you are with the program, how deeply aware and neat you are.
If it is not or is not enough, then in turn, write one or two mixed, Earth cannon, spaghetti-style program, and try to modify it, know the pain to learn again.
If there is, then all the best, the earlier the recommendation the better.

The framework is a sharp weapon, but it is also a limitation. The goal of the framework for clarifying code and separating logic is primary, but the concrete modules are secondary (even disposable, exchangeable).

If you do not understand the framework "why" to learn, the end must be plunged into the details of various uses. The end result is: The framework of the details of the extremely painful constraints, but did not learn how to use the framework to organize procedures, the cart before the horse, learn the white school.

Above the heartfelt words.

Can study some micro-framework, understand the principle of web development to you recommend two, I myself is in it learned a lot of things:

said that did not learn PHP followed Jellybool's laravel tutorial began to read ...
Now I feel good about myself ...
PHP is the best language

Recommended first understand the design pattern, and then look at the framework, PHP framework introduction of the recommended Codeignter is the CI framework, single entry, lightweight, document also full! It's easy to get started.

Make the object-oriented and design patterns clear and re-examine the framework. Framework recommended Laravel.

Almost all companies use the framework to do projects, if not one or two kinds of words may be unfavorable to the job. But if it is only in the study stage, the proposal or the basis of the study framework, then use it to know it, and know why. If the PHP Foundation is not strong, the learning framework can only stay at a very shallow level. If the foundation is very good, no matter what frame, can easily get started, this is my experience.

The learning framework starts with the thinkphp first.

As to when to start learning the framework, probably understand the smarty template, understand the class is almost ready

Learn about OO syntax and concepts, and other syntax to look at the frame side supplement, the framework recommends Laravel. The framework begins with the use of the first, slowly further into the source.

Study for some time, then should also encounter some problems, try to solve the problem with different solutions, for example, feel PHP and HTML mixed write too much trouble, then you need a package view class, or function also line, you do not have to control how other people realize, you think, if it is me what I should do , when you try to know the principle after, oh, maybe I need a template engine, then smarty as a good choice to get started, you may also feel that the database operation is a bit more than the place of repetition, then you can also try to encapsulate into a class to use, you must think of their own solutions, Then gradually formed a primitive framework model, of course, you'd better understand the simple design pattern, perhaps you feel a little bit abstract, big can not, when you feel can, you can go to see a framework of source code, in this recommendation Slim, My suggestion is 1.20 version, do not remember this version, is the original choice, because she is very small, very easy to strip light, she did not use the namespace and composer, perhaps easier for you to understand and understand a framework, you will find her design pattern is also very basic those. Of course it takes a long time to see if you're using your heart.

It's best to look at the basics, then start studying the framework, write more code, think more, read more, and then study. Again and again, infinite. (^__^) hehe ...

First buy a book to see, in learning other knowledge

First on the frame of passing ...
Just into the company boss only give 1 months time familiar with the project (recruit, so then not PHP)
Then no way, had to directly chew the framework to know how the frame moves,
Now back to the PHP again randomly read again ...
If you are not in a hurry, please learn the foundation carefully-otherwise, no matter how far you go, will always come back
When you can write some common small pages, you can read the
It's a lot of detail to look at the data while learning the frame
Always look at pure PHP, you can never find the most common, most needed knowledge points

CI is the best entry frame, the documentation is clear, it is recommended to start with CI

I think the best frame is Yii2, and its complexity definitely allows you to feel the harvest every day.

Can read the framework of the source, is the time to use the framework

I have just learned PHP has not been contacted before, because the project needs to do with Php+mysql, the boss only gave one months of time, and then began to do the project; Hey, I'm also full head fog, don't know how to be good, now knocked a few days of PHP code and familiar to look at MySQL database. Next???????

I also just learned PHP, I bought a book to see, it is too difficult, how did you learn?

Start with C. At the very least, PHP extensions will be written. PHP will be deleted and modified. Direct Learning Framework. Then write a small project. Basically, it works.

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