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Evaoauth is a unified interface design PHP OAuth client library, compatible with the OAuth1.0 and OAuth2.0 specifications, can be integrated into any project with more than 10 lines of code.

Why Choose Evaoauth

After a number of project tests, EvaOAuth1.0 a complete refactoring based on actual requirements, with some of the main features as follows:

  • Standard interfaces , regardless of OAuth1.0 or OAuth2.0, implement different workflows for the same set of code and obtain consistent data formats, including user information and tokens.

  • fully tested , all key codes are unit tested, and the availability of multiple versions of PHP is guaranteed through CI.

  • easy to debug , when debug mode is turned on, log records all URLs, Request, Response in the OAuth process to help locate the problem.

  • Out of the box , the project has built-in mainstream OAuth URL support such as Weibo, QQ, Twitter, Facebook, and more.

  • easy to scale , with a minimum of 3 lines of code to integrate the new OAuth service, the workflow provides an event mechanism.

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