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I. Introduction to PHP

Quoting the definition of the official website of PHP (Hgpertext Preprocessor or Personal Home Page Tools), PHP is a server-side, cross-platform, HTML embedded scripting language. In fact, it is a language commonly used in Web programming, as well as ASP. PHP was brewing in 1994 and released its first public version in 1995. The latest version that has been released so far is PHP 4.05.

PHP is a free software that can run in most operating system environments including Windows, Linux, etc. It is often used with the free web service software Apache and the free database Mysql on the Linux platform, with the highest performance price Than, known as the "golden combination."

Perhaps the most powerful and important feature of PHP is its database support. At present, its support covers most common databases including Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, ODBC, etc. It becomes very easy to write a web page program with database functions.

When PHP developed to PHP 3.0, there was a long period of stability, so many PHP applications still use PHP3 as the extension. Most of the current systems have gradually been upgraded to PHP 4.0 and above, using PHP as the extension; and PHP and Apache combined It is common to use PHTML as the extension, so we can easily identify PHP systems on the web.

Second, learn PHP online

PHP is a language that was born in, used in, and developed on the web. Once it was born, it was branded with free development. There are currently thousands of individuals and organizations' websites at home and abroad to learn, develop and improve it in various forms and languages, and continuously announce the latest applications and research results. We can use tools such as search engines on the Internet to easily and cheaply find a wealth of learning, research materials, software, and even BBS exchange sites on PHP's official and many private websites, allowing us to closely follow its development and observe at any time The latest field developments. All of this is undoubtedly a huge asset for PHP itself and for those of us who care about web development.

Three, PHP learning website, forum tour

With the increasing popularity of PHP at home and abroad, PHP's domestic study and research has gradually set off a wave, and a large number of high-quality PHP technology Chinese websites have emerged. In order to advocate the localization of network technology, we will focus on introducing Chinese PHP technology websites. PHP official website (English)

Whether you are a beginner or proficient, this PHP base is a must visit. Here we can find the latest news and software versions about PHP. Even those PHP masters often visit to get the latest information. If your English is not a problem, you can find almost everything about PHP here, including English manuals, annotations, software source code, and even bugs that have been discovered. Zend Official Website (English)

Zend is a commercial accelerator for PHP. So, except for Zend itself, the site is entirely PHP-based. It has rich data and code resources. The forum content is also very rich. It can be seen that speakers are mixed with various dialects mainly in English, which is a good place for PHP enthusiasts worldwide to seek medical advice. If you have incurable diseases, you might as well try it. At the same time, since this is also the originator of PHP research, the answers to many questions may be in the history of the forum. PHP Chinese website

This is one of the older PHP technology sites. The page design is simple and the sections are clear and clear. Set up articles, forums, installation guides, program codes, related downloads and other columns, and support registered users to upload articles and materials. The website is rich in content. The forum is more active, lurking with multiple PHP experts.

4. PHP Easy Station

Is known as the station for PHP developers. Collected quite a lot of PHP code, articles, it is indeed a good place for PHP developers to consult the reference materials, while many articles are also very suitable for beginners.

5. Chinese PHP Alliance

It evolved from the earlier PHP technology website in China— “Naozhuo Studio” personal homepage, and is supported by several PHP technical experts. Its website page is relatively straight, but its forum is supported by several players. Many PHP enthusiasts are rushing.

Other more professional websites include China PHP website (, PHP Century Network (, PHP Star (, etc.

6. If the several professional websites introduced above make PHP beginners discouraged and unable to get started, then I will introduce several learning websites with relatively soft interfaces and relatively relaxed atmosphere. PHP beginner's field

This is the home of PHP lovers Dong Yi Yi Snake. Dongfang Yishe has been active in many PHP forums and has published many original articles. There is a lot of basic knowledge here. To learn PHP, start here (Figure 4). PHP resource network

的 The content here is also very simple, but it is all some necessary materials and software for getting started. It is straightforward and does not have so many luxurious decorations, which may be suitable for you. Chinese webmaster PHP channel

The PHP information here is quite rich, the page is tidy, fast, and comfortable to look at, maybe it's for you.

Finally, I want to recommend another extraordinary forum He can be said to be the leader of the domestic forum in technology and form and concept. His technology forum has considerable influence in China, with many sections, covering most popular network technologies; gathered a large number of enthusiasts with expertise in network development, of course, including PHP. Because Web development involves a series of related content such as DHTML, database, network security, etc., the ChinaASP Forum is still a place with distinctive features in form and quite rich and comprehensive technical exchanges. You will definitely be here (Figure 5).

Four, PHP learning tools download

The main thing to learn PHP is to set up an experimental environment and be familiar with syntax functions. So there are two big pieces of learning tools.

(1) Download PHP and related software

Building a PHP environment involves the system platform, Web service software and database software, and PHP itself. According to our existing computer software and hardware environment, we are free to choose the corresponding software. Usually we choose Windows98 / NT as the experimental platform. In this way, we can download the Windows version above PHP4.0, the database can download the Windows version of Mysql ( or use Microsoft's MSSQL. PWS or Windows NT IIS, if you want to be more professional, you can download the Windows version of Apache ( If you want to build a real combat environment running under Linux, then all of these software must download its version corresponding to Linux, and some may need to be compiled and generated under Linux, there are many articles have introduced.

(二) Download PHP User Manual

The user manual is the "killer 学习" for learning PHP. Many PHP masters are still available for reference. The manual is usually PHP4.0, with Chinese and English versions, and the Chinese version also has HTML, ZIP and CHM formats. Many websites have downloads. It is recommended to download the CHM format for easier reference.

Another thing worth mentioning is to use PHP's Mysql management tool-phpMyadmin. If you want to use Mysql as your database, then you will definitely use and like this tool. It can be downloaded at

Five, PHP source code resources

Generally speaking, quite a lot of source code resources can be found on domestic websites. But there is no doubt that PHP's ancestors were abroad, and many of our development and research are based on their achievements. Therefore, there are many truly excellent and comprehensive source code and other resources on foreign websites.

Very well-known professional website of PHP technology. The page is clear and clear, and there are detailed classifications of articles and source code. It is a good place for PHP lovers to dig for gold.

The classification is more delicate, as many as 80 kinds. Commonly used technologies for web development using PHP Mysql, JavaScript, etc. are also listed at the same time, very convenient,

A very comprehensive Web technology website, which includes all the mainstream Web development technologies today, has quite a wealth of articles and source code, and is accompanied by commentary levels, which is very intuitive.

26. PHP Free Space

The free homepage space supporting PHP system is also gradually increasing, but with the increase in the number of users and the confusion of the homepage content, many websites have reduced and closed the space. Therefore, the real free high-speed PHP free space remains to be seen Go and discover.

Www.51.netBeijing Tiger Wings

20M space, faster, does not support Mysql. There is a pop-up advertising window, and you can apply for domain name.

Everyone should seize the opportunity!

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