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PHP sends mail with Phpmailer, Phpmailer sends mail

It's a good choice to send mail with an out-of-the-box SMTP server, which is Phpmailer (Version 5.2.0) and the SMTP server for Gmail and 163.

1. Scripts sent with Gmail

Include ("class.phpmailer.php"); Include ("class.smtp.php");//Gets the contents of an external file $mail = new Phpmailer (); $body = File_get  _contents (' contents.html '); $body = Eregi_replace ("[\]", "", $body);//Set SMTP parameter $MAIL->ISSMTP (); $mail->smtpauth    = true; $mail->smtpkeepalive = true; $mail->smtpsecure = "SSL"; $mail->host = ""; $mail->port = 465;//fill in your Gmail account and password $mail->username = ""; $mail->password = "Password";//Set the sender, preferably do not forge the address $ Mail->from = ""; $mail->fromname = "Webmaster"; $mail->subject = "This is the Subject"; $mail ->altbody = $body; $mail->wordwrap = 50; Set Word wrap$mail->msghtml ($body);//sets the reply address $mail->addreplyto ("", "Webmaster");//Add attachments, Here the attachment is in the same directory as the script//otherwise fill in the full path $mail->addattachment ("Attachment.jpg"); $mail->addattachment ("");// Set the mail receiver's mailbox and name $mail->addaddress ("", "FirstName LastName");//send mail using HTML format $mail->ishtml (TRUE) ;//Send mail via Send method//according toSend the result to do the appropriate processing if (! $mail->send ()) {echo "Mailer Error:". $mail->errorinfo;} else {echo "Message has been sent";}

2. Use 163 scripts to send messages

You only need to change your SMTP configuration and account password, and the SMTP configuration is as follows

Set SMTP parameters//Note there is no need for SSL protocol $mail->issmtp (); $mail->smtpauth  = true; $mail->smtpkeepalive = true; $mail- >host    = ""; $mail->port    = 25;

Test pass in local wampserver environment, need to open Php_openssl extension.

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