PHP-FPM dead solution, script background auto restart

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I used NGINX+PHP7 to build a server, because the request volume is too large, and PHP inside there are suspended tasks, resulting in php-fpm in the peak time often die, bar php-fpm The maximum process has been changed to 1000, or too much, the CPU is overloaded, Each time to manually restart, too annoying, so I wrote a shell script, background monitoring php-fpm, and so on to a certain number to let him restart, so that effectively solve the manual restart, the crash problem.

1. Declaring document headers and defining variables

#!/usr/bin/env Bash

maxcount=300 #php-fpm Maximum number of processes

basepath=$ (CD ' DirName $ '; pwd) #脚本所在目录

Pidfilepath= "$basePath/pid.conf" #pid存放文件

Errorfilepath= "$basePath/error.txt" #错误日志存放文件

2. Defining key functions

GetDateTime () {

Date "+%y-%m-%d%h:%m:%s"


Restart () {

kill-usr2$ (Cat/usr/local/php/var/run/


Start () {



Stop () {

Kill $ (Cat/usr/local/php/var/run/


Stopweb () {

If [-F "$pidFilePath"];then

Kill $ (cat "$pidFilePath") 2>/dev/null

Rm-r "$pidFilePath"



Main () {


echo "$$" >> "$pidFilePath"

while ((1))


count=$ (ps aux | grep-c php-fpm)

if (("$count" >= "$maxCount")); then


date=$ (GetDateTime)

echo "Date: $date, MaxCount: $maxCount, Count: $count" >> "$errorFilePath"


Sleep 10



3. Join the Startup parameters

Case $ in

"Restart") restart


"Start") Start


"Stop") stop


"Run") main


"Stopweb") stopweb


*) echo "cmd error!"



4. Terminating the script

Exit 0

Run command

./webserver Restart #重启php-fpm

./webserver Start #开启php-fpm

./webserver Stop #停止php-FPM

Setsid./webserver Run & #开启监听, running in the background &

./webserver Stopweb #停止监听

Full script download in QQ Group: Group No. 490328630

PHP-FPM dead solution, script background auto restart

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