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PHP functions implement paging with text paging and digital paging,

Recently, paging was used in the project. Paging is a feature that is often used, so it is encapsulated in a functional form.

Page split/*** $pageType page Type 1 is the number of page 2 is the text paging * can be $pagetotal, $page, $total and other data as parameters, or in paging as a global variable (recommended) */function paging ($ PageType) {Global $pageTotal, $page, $total, if ($pageType = = 1) {echo '; Echo '
    ; for ($i =0; $i < $pageTotal ; $i + +) {if ($page = = ($i + 1)) {echo '
  • '. ($i + 1). '
  • ';} Else{echo '
  • '. ($i + 1). '
  • ';}} echo
'; Echo ';} else if ($pageType = = 2) {echo '; Echo '
    ; Echo '
  • '; Echo '
  • A total of '. $total. '
  • ';//First page if ($page = = 1) {echo '
  • '; Echo '
  • ';} else{//$_server["Script_name"] gets the current script name, facilitates porting//can also customize constants, constant values and script filenames consistently echo '
  • '; Echo '
  • ';} Last page if ($page = = $pageTotal) {echo '
  • '; Echo '
  • ';} Else{echo '
  • '; Echo '
  • ';} echo
'; Echo ';}

Parameter explanation:

$pageTotal is the total number of pages, $page is the current page, $total is the total amount of data obtained from the database;

For simplicity, all parameters are encapsulated

Paging parameter/*** $sql an SQL statement that can get the total number of data * $size shows the number of bars per page */function pageparam ($sql, $size) {//sets all the parameters involved in global variables//$pagestart Where does a page start//$total total number of records $page a page $pageTotal total pages Global $pagestart, $pagesize, $total, $page, $pageTotal; $pagesize = $size;// Get Total Data $total = mysql_num_rows (Querydb ($sql));//error handling, first determine if there is an if (Isset ($_get[' page ')) {//specific page $page = $_get[' page '];/ /Determines whether it is empty (0 is empty)/less than 0/is a number if (Empty ($page) | | $page < 0 | |!is_numeric ($page)) {$page = 1;} else{$page = intval ($page);//rounding, preventing fractional occurrences}}else{//initialization shows 1th page $page = 1;} Database Clear 0 if ($total = = 0) {//set to 1$pagetotal = 1;} else{//the total number of pages (in-process) $pageTotal = Ceil ($total/$pagesize);} Pages greater than total page $totalif ($page > $pageTotal) {$page = $pageTotal;} When the page starts from a record $pagestart = ($page-1) * $pagesize;}

Parameter explanation:

$pagestart is when a page starts from a record, $pagesize is the number of records displayed per page

In use, call Pageparam First, and then call paging

/*** the first SQL statement that can fetch the total number of data * The second page shows the number of bars */pageparam ("Select userid from User", 2), <?php//paging type 1 is the number page 2 is the text paging paging (2);? >

The location of the call is selected according to the situation, and the text is paginated as follows:

The numbers are paginated as follows:

Style adjusts itself. true techarticle PHP functions implement paging with text pagination and digital paging, and most recently, paging is used in the project. Paging is a feature that is often used, so it is encapsulated in the form of a function ...

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