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Last night after the transfer of a DISUCZ forum, found open page back to more than one PHP has encountered a stack overflow this hint error, translated into "PHP encountered stack overflow." I feel strange, the new station no one to visit, how can overflow. All right, go to Discuz's official forum and find a solution.

Find the first solution, update the background cache, the result is not. Next check the database configuration file, and there is no error. There is no error checking PHP permissions.

Discuz Official Website Some people say that PHP version is too low, the individual is more disgusted with this kind of person, this kind of argument is more nonsense. No need to prove it.

The new and old server to compare, found a problem, two paths are different, immediately to see the Superior Directory folder permissions, it is the permissions of the problem. The file path is d:/www/discuz. View to the old server the WWW and discuz folder permissions have anonymous guest permissions. On the new server, see the WWW folder does not have anonymous guest permissions and the Discuz folder permissions are available. Describes the lack of permissions on the previous level of directory. Give me permission again. OK perfectly solves the problem of PHP has encountered a Stack overflow.

The above said so much, in fact, is a sentence:

Under the Windows Server, this is due to permissions issues, specifically the one-level directory permissions issue.

For example:

The original site Directory is d:\www\jb51

A quick and secure solution is to create a new directory Webroot under the JB51 directory, and the permissions for this directory are the same as jb51 permissions.

Now the Site Directory is: D:\www\jb51\webroot can.

Many PHP systems now cause errors such as Discuz, phpMyAdmin, and so on.

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