PHP installation error: Unable to load dynamic library

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I haven't used PHP for a long time

Today I installed it.

Unable to load dynamic library 'C:/program files/PHP/EXT/php_mysql.dll


Cause: php_mysql.dll depends on libmysql. dll

Although this file exists in the PHP installation directory, and I also add php_mysql.dll to the environment variable, it still does not work.

Unknown reason.



Copy php_mysql.dll to system32



You can find it in the installation directory of MySQL or PHP.




The cause has been identified:

For newly set Environment Variables

You need to restart to make it effective. You can see this through the phpinfo () function.




// I flipped through the original learning logs. It took so much time to solve the same problem.

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Apache Error Log prompts unable to load dynamic library... php_mysql.dll?
Dizzy, Apache Error Log always prompts unable to load dynamic library ..., for example, php_mysql.dll, php_mysql.dll is placed in extension_dir (= "D:/programs/PHP/php-5.2.3/EXT") under! And the php_gd2.dll in the same directory can be correctly loaded...
It took a long time to discover:
The correct loading of php_mysql.dll requires libmysql. DLL, libmysql. DLL is in the PHP installation directory (D:/programs/PHP/php-5.2.3/), not in the D:/programs/PHP/php-5.2.3/EXT directory, therefore, libmysql cannot be found. DLL, always prompts that php_mysql.dll cannot be loaded
1. Copy the libmysql. dll file to the % WINDIR %/system32 directory;
2. Add the PHP installation directory (D:/programs/PHP/php-5.2.3/) to the system % PATH % environment variable;

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