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One Configuration PHP environment

1, understand what is PHP

PHP ("Php:hypertext preprocessor", acronym for hypertext Preprocessor)

PHP is the acronym for the English Hypertext preprocessing language hypertext preprocessor. PHP is a kind of HTML embedded language, is a server-side embedded HTML document script language, language style has similar to C language, is widely used

2. PHP Background and advantages

the development background of PHP

1), created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1994, began as a simple Perl language program, with access to statistics on his own website.

Later, the C language was rewritten to include access to the database.

2), 1995 Lerdorf Release PHP/FI 1.0 version and 2.0 version, and added to the MySQL support, from then on the establishment of PHP in the Dynamic Web development status.

3), 1996 Low, there are 15,000 sites using PHP/FI

4, 1997 years, there are more than 50,000 sites are developed with PHP/FI. The development team joined the Zeev Suraski and Andi Gutmans the same year PHP3 released.

5, the advent of PHP4.0 in 200 years has added many new features.

6), on May 22, 2000, to Zend Engine 1.0 as the basis of the official release of PHP 4, July 13, 2004 released the PHP 5,php 5 uses the second generation of Zend Engine[5]. PHP contains a number of new features, such as enhanced object-oriented functionality, introduction of PDO (PHP data Objects, an access to data

Library extension function library, and a number of enhancements to the performance.

7, 2008 PHP 50% for PHP only has in the development of PHP version. Future PHP 5.3 will be added to the late static binding and some other powerful


Advantage over there

1. Open Source: Open-source.

2, PHP is free: Compared with other technologies, PHP itself is free.

3), PHP's shortcut:

Program development fast, fast, technology itself learning fast. Embed HTML: Because PHP can embed HTML language, it is easy to edit, practical and more suitable for beginners compared with other languages.

4), Cross-platform Strong:

Because PHP is a script that runs on the server side, it can run on Unix, LINUX, and Windows.

5), High efficiency:

PHP consumes quite a few system resources.

6), Image processing:

Create images dynamically with PHP

7), Object-oriented:

In Php4,php5, the object-oriented aspect has been greatly improved, and now PHP can be used to develop large business programs.

8), professional focus;

PHP Support scripting language, the same as Class C language.

The technical application of PHP

1, pseudo static and static page generation.

2), process caching, and database caching.

3), very good support for the standard of the Div+ccs ()

4), can be large load.

5), distributed

6), Support MVC model

7), AJAX framework Integration (jquery framework Integration)

8), object-oriented programming support

Second, configure the PHP debugging environment

1), installation Wamp

The so-called Wamp, refers to the Windows System (W) installed Apache Web server (A) and the MySQL database (M) and PHP script engine (P) and built up the PHP network servers environment, of course, in the lamp environment is certainly better than the WAMP environment, However, because of the ease of use of Windows, so we do early development or test some CMS, using the WAMP environment is even more convenient and practical. Wamp, these individual software together form a powerful Web application platform.

Download Wamp latest Help Wamp5 Http://

2), development tools Zend Studio

recommended Zend Studio, this is not a free version. Zend Studio is a PHP integrated development environment with powerful professional editing tools and debugging tools, supports PHP syntax highlighting, supports syntax autofill, supports bookmarks, supports syntax automatic indentation and code copying, built-in a powerful PHP code debugging tool, Supports both local and remote debugging modes and supports a variety of advanced debugging features.

  • Zend Studio 8.0.1 Official Download address (does not include IBM i edition download)

    • Windows version:Http://
    • Linux Version (32-bit):http://downloads.zend..../ZendStudio-8.0.1-x86.tar.gz
    • Linux Version (64-bit):http://downloads.zend....ZendStudio-8.0.1-x86_64.tar.gz
    • DMG installation format applicable to mac_os_x:http://downloads.zend....ZendStudio-8.0.1.dmg

    (Learning notes, understanding superficial.) Only for study reference, if not enough please understanding)

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