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PHP sign-in System simplified version, PHP login simplified version

Login registration system is the most common daily access to the operation, I set up a classification of the step-by-step Perfect Registration Login system, if wrong, please forgive me.

Language used:php


This implementation function:

1. User Registration

2. User Login

Main documents:

Full code

1 SQL creates a user table in an existing database, Id,username,password three fields

Copy the code as follows: CREATE TABLE user (id int () NOT null auto_increment,username varchar (), password varchar (40), Primary key (ID));

2 connect.php Database configuration file

<?php  $server = "localhost";//Host  $db _username= "";//Your database user name  $db _password= "";//Your database password  $con = Mysql_connect ($server, $db _username, $db _password);//LINK Database  if (! $con) {die    ("can ' t connect". Mysql_error ()) ;//If the link fails output error  }    mysql_select_db (' Test ', $con);//Select Database (mine is test)?>

3 signup.html Registration Form

      User Registration page          

4 signup.php Registration procedure

<?php   Header ("content-type:text/html; Charset=utf8 ");  if (!isset ($_post[' submit ')) {    exit ("Error Execution");  } Determine if there is a submit operation  $name =$_post[' name '];//post get the name of the form  $password =$_post[' password '];// Post gets the password  include (' connect.php ') in the form,//link database  $q = "INSERT into user (Id,username,password) VALUES (NULL, ' $name ', ' $password ');//SQL $reslut =mysql_query ($q, $con) to insert the value of the form into the database  ;//Execute SQL    if (! $reslut) {die    (' Error: '. Mysql_error ());//If the SQL execution fails output error  }else{    echo "registered successfully";//Successful output registration succeeded  }    mysql_close ($con);//Shut down the database? >

The registration process is complete, the following is the user login

5 login.html Login Form


6 login.php Login Program

<? PHP  Header ("content-type:text/html; Charset=utf8 ");  if (!isset ($_post["submit"])) {    exit ("Error Execution");  } Detects if there is a submit operation   include (' connect.php ');//LINK database  $name = $_post[' name '];//post get user name form value  $PASSOWRD = $_ post[' password '];//post get user password single value if  ($name && $passowrd) {//if user name and password are not empty       $sql = "SELECT * from user where Username = ' $name ' and password= ' $passowrd ' ";//detect if the database has a corresponding username and password sql       $result = mysql_query ($sql);// Execute SQL       $rows =mysql_num_rows ($result);//Returns a value       if ($rows) {//0 false 1 True          header ("Refresh:0;url= Welcome.html ");//If successful jump to welcome.html page          exit;       } else{        echo "User name or password error";        echo "                  ";//if the error using JS 1 seconds after the jump to the login page to retry;}         } else{//if the user name or password is empty        echo "form fill incomplete";        echo "           ";            If the error using JS 1 seconds after the jump to the login page retry;  }  Mysql_close ();//Close Database?>

7 welcome.html Login Success Jump page

      Landing success        Welcome to visit  

At this point a simple complete registration login system is completed, the code is very simple does not consider verifying the robustness of security, after the improvement.

I hope this article will help you learn PHP programming.

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