Phpstorm 10.0.3 Chinese and installation cracking tutorial

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Phpstorm 10.0.3 cracked version of Chinese

Phpstorm is a commercial PHP integrated development tool developed by JetBrains company, which not only contains all the functions of webstorm, but also has the editor of PHP, JavaScript, html/css and so on, which can provide developers with the most convenient and intelligent code writing. At the same time, its built-in auto-generated phpdoc annotation, integrated analyzer, visual debugging and other functions, can easily solve intelligent code completion, rapid navigation and instant error checking and other issues, are all kinds of large PHP development projects necessary excellent platform.
phpstorm has improved PHP 7 support, provided Phpstorm plugins, and fixed and improved other bugs in PHP, Web, IntelliJ and other platforms. Although the official does not support the Chinese version, but the small part of the Chinese-made patch can make the vast number of users a perfect experience PHPSTORM10 Chinese version.

Functional characteristics

1. Smart PHP Editor
Full PHP code completion
Intelligent Repetitive Code Detector
PHP Refactoring
Supports Smarty and Phpdoc
Support for multi-language blending
2. Java Script Editor
Specified browser completion based on dom/
Code Navigation and usage lookups
JavaScript Refactoring
JavaScript debugger
3. HTML/CSS Editor
Support HTML5
Supports Zen encoding
Inspection and quick correction
Show the appearance of the app
Extract embedded Styles
4. Lightweight IDE
Easy to install
Can run on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Simple project configuration-open code anywhere to start working
Performance first
5, the Intelligent environment
Visualize PHP unit test run-time
VCs support SVN, Git, mercurial, etc.
Supports FTP and remote file synchronization
Can be recorded to modify
Visual debugging
Debugger without any configuration
Support for setting breakpoints in php,js,html
Observing variables, Windows
Bulk Code Analysis
Integration Analyzer

Software Benefits

1. Cross-platform
2, support refactor function to PHP
3, automatic generation of phpdoc comments, very convenient for large-scale programming
4. Built-in support Zencode
5, the generation of the inheritance diagram of the class, if there is a class, after multiple inheritance, you can view all of his parent relationship through this function.
6, support code refactoring, easy to modify code
7. Local History function
8, convenient deployment, you can directly upload the code directly to the server

Installation Tutorials:

1. Unzip and open the file, double-click "Phpstorm-10.0.3.exe" to start the installation.

2, the default installation can be.

3. Tick the "Create desktop Shortcut" and "Select the associated File option (tick according to your actual needs)".

4, the installation is complete, tick run and click "Finish", you can run the software.

5, open the software, will pop up the registration section, click "OK",

6, then select "License Server" input "" click "OK" to quickly activate the software.

7, after the installation of the software or English interface, do not close first.

8, below we start the process of Chinese, on the Run PHPSTORM10 menu, select File, Settings, Appearance&behavior, appearance, select Override Default fonts by (not recommended), select any one of the Chinese fonts (you need to prevent garbled), the file is set to close the software.

9, open the download file PHPSTORM10 Chinese package, will be inside the "Zh_cn folder" and "Resources_cn.jar" compressed package open (note is open instead of extracting), and then drag all the files under the Zh_cn folder to the Resources_ just opened Cn.jar compress the package in the Messages folder and save it.

10, finally will PHPSTORM10 in the package "Resources_cn.jar" file copied back to C:\Program files (x86) \jetbrains\phpstorm 10.0.3\lib Directory (Note that this is the default installation directory), Complete!

11, running the desktop shortcut, is Phpstorm 10.0.3 cracked version of the Chinese interface.

Phpstorm 10.0.3 Chinese and installation cracking tutorial

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