Postgis+geoserver Installation Considerations

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POSTGIS+GEOSERVER+OPENLAYERS3 based Open source solution is one of Webgis common development methods, and recently started to contact PostGIS and GeoServer because of project needs. Although the installation of PostGIS and GeoServer is a fool-type, but there are some issues to be noted in the installation process, the following brief description.

1. Installation of PostGIS

PostGIS based on PostgreSQL, it is necessary to install the PostgreSQL, after the installation of PostGIS.

The official download address of Windows version PostgreSQL, general download enterprisedb version, the default user name in the installation process is Postgres, you set your own password to remember that the port defaults to 5432, if the change should be remembered. Other defaults can be.

PostGIS Online Installation : If the "Stack Builder may used to ..."is selected in accordance with the procedure, you can select Spatial in the next plugin directly Extensions→postgis 2.X for .... I was the beginning of this installation, and later did not know is the choice of PostGIS version of the wrong, or the internet is not good, has been cotton ... A local installation has been selected for several attempts to install failed.

PostGIS Local Installation : First download PostGIS to local, FTP download address, Depending on the version of the installation PostgreSQL and the number of Windows digits selected for the PostGIS version, the path to the installation must be the same as the PostgreSQL path (be sure to note), enter a username and password, and create a default PostGIS database at the same time.

2. Installation of GeoServer

GeoServer's download address, you can choose either the Windows Installers and Web War (Web Deployment way) to install one of two ways, and I choose how Windows is installed. The installation process is simple, you need to select the JRE (JDK also, because it contains JRE) I selected JDK 1.7 64 bits, the default username is admin, password is geoserver, port is 8080.

The problem is, the installation process does not prompt any errors, you can open the Administration page, the prompt service is not available ... After a long period of searching and viewing the data, it was found that the geoserver required a 1.8 version of the JDK, and must be 32 bits (this was already prompted during the installation process). After replacing the required JDK, there was no problem.

At this point, the PostGIS and GeoServer installation end, you can do the follow-up work.

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