PostgreSQL-related software, libraries, tools, and resource collections

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PostgreSQL-related software, libraries, tools, and resource collections.

    • WAL-E-Simple continuous archiving for Postgres to S3, Azure, or Swift by Heroku
    • Barman-backup and Recovery Manager for Postgres by 2ndQuadrant
    • Pgadmin-postgres administration and Management GUI
    • Phppgadmin-the Premier Web Based Administration Tool for Postgres
    • pgweb-web-based PostgreSQL Database Browser written in Go
    • Postico-a modern PostgreSQL Client for OS X (commercial software)
    • easiest-to-Get Started with PostgreSQL on the MAC
    • Pgcli-postgres CLI with autocompletion and syntax highlighting
    • Psql2csv-run a query in psql and output the result as CSV
    • Postgres-xl-scalable Open Source postgresql-based Database Cluster
    • Check_postgres-nagios Check_postgres plugin for checking status of PostgreSQL databases
    • Pgstrom-postgres extension to offload CPU intensive workloads to GPU
    • Pg_shard-postgresql extension to scale out real-time reads and writes
    • Postgis-spatial and geographic objects for PostgreSQL
    • Pg_paxos-basic implementation of Paxos and paxos-based table replication for a cluster of PostgreSQL nodes
    • Pghero-postgres Insights Made Easy
    • Pgtune-postgresql Configuration Wizard
    • Postgrest-postgrest serves a fully RESTful API from any existing PostgreSQL database
    • Mysql-postgresql-converter-lanyrd ' s MySQL to PostgreSQL conversion script
    • Postgresql-metrics-tool that extracts and provides metrics on your PostgreSQL database
    • Pgloader-pgloader loads data into PostgreSQL using the COPY streaming protocol, and does so with separate threads for RE Ading and writing data
    • Pgbadger-a Fast PostgreSQL Log Analyzer
    • Pg_activity-pg_activity is a top like application for PostgreSQL server activity Monitoring
    • Pgfutter-import CSV and JSON into PostgreSQL
    • Pganalyze-postgresql performance Monitoring (commercial software)
    • Yoke-postgres high-availability cluster with auto-failover and automated Cluster recovery
Language Bindings
    • Rust-postgresql-rust
    • Dbd-pg-perl
    • PostgreSQL JDBC Driver-java
    • Tutorialspoint PostgreSQL tutorial-a Very extensive collection of tutorials on PostgreSQL
    • Postgres guide-a Guide designed as a aid for beginners and experienced users to find specific tips and explore tools av Ailable within Postgres
    • Backup and recover a Postgres DB using wal-e-A tutorial about setting the continuous archiving in PostgreSQL using WAL-E
    • PostgreSQL exercises-a site to make it easy-to-learn PostgreSQL by doing
    • Planet postgresql-a Blog Aggregation service for PostgreSQL
    • Craig kerstiens Postgres posts-a set of Posts on Postgres cool features/tips/tricks
    • Postgres weekly-a Weekly Newsletter that contains articles, news, and repos relevant to Postgres

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Item Description: A curated list of awesome PostgreSQL software, libraries, tools and resources, inspired by awesome-mysql-view more ...

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#94 Add Pgpool-ii Tool by Olshevskiy87 2016-05-08
#93 Add Telegraf A postgres metric recovery by Arthtux 2016-05-04
#74 Looking for maintainers by Dhamaniasad 2016-03-12
#55 Update by DVA 2016-03-10
#52 Add Luapgsql, a Lua binding for PostgreSQL by Mbalmer 2016-03-10
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PostgreSQL-related software, libraries, tools, and resource collections

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