Program execution Process (rough)

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program execution Process (rough) the user requests the foreground to do the JS rule verification (good user experience) according to certain rules for the data submission (data not encapsulated submissions and data encapsulation after the submission) control layer to receive data1, the non-null data, rule validation | |rule validation can read configuration files2, processing session information3. Verification of Permissions | |you can use a rights interceptor or filter # to distinguish between data sources::: From user input (input data), from System generation (current time), default value in the business layer set to ensure the portability of the business # before invoking the business Make sure that the information you need for your business has been assigned and rules validated #4, invoking the relevant business for data processing,5and the corresponding jump control according to the result of business processing.||execution result identification can be set based on the processing results of the calling business||then read the corresponding configuration file for the specified jump and data response mode on the control layer set the abstract parent class, interface, sub-class sharing method design, Reduce code reuse between the control layer and the business layer using the factory design pattern to connect the Servicefactory business factory The call agent avoids the repetitive serviceproxy inheritance of some code that the business layer does not need to focus on the topic (typically: Database open and close)  At the same time, consider the transaction processing business layer can also be based on the need to establish a corresponding level of abstraction class, interface business layer and data layer using dynamic Factory design mode to connect daofactory using reflection read configuration file can achieve the adaptability of the program between different database migration such as: Mysql5vodaoimpl, Oracle11vodaoimpl

Program execution Process (rough)

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