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Many sites in the content update have taken the pseudo original this seems very cheap mode, the use of false original site from the beginning of the declaration of their own capital punishment, false original The biggest drawback is that the site does not have their own soul, followed by others behind the buttocks run, more people exasperating is, in order to let search engines included, do not speak well, Update some people do not understand the article, the user experience is almost zero, in the Internet to user experience as the core of the social trends of the general trend of the premise, the false original is just a dream, it is unrealistic!

What is the difference between false original and copy? In fact, between the two is just "kettle black" just, many sites pseudo original motivation is to meet the search engine, not to mention, early in the search engine is not intelligent age, this way very good, but with the rapid development of search engine technology, Pseudo original This used to use now has been search engines to see through, more let the search engine annoyed is in the user experience, false original than copy more hateful, under the gorgeous title of Yun Shan fog content, such a word garbage at all did not give users any useful experience, and copy at least maintain the consistency of the original text, From the point of view of Internet communication, search engine can let an article at the same time display in several weight high website, reach the purpose of dissemination. A website to do well, copy can be included, and false original start of the site, sooner or later will be down the right, wait until which day, is to declare false original website death moment!

False original even copy is inferior, don't talk about the development of the website! A website that can wait for development and progress has entered an innovative mode of thinking from the start. From the development of Internet web site model, the strong and strong, only one, weak and weak, difficult to live. It is difficult to Baidu, in the search engine market so far may be sitting in the future of the boss's position, from an instant Search to 360 search are in the challenge to Baidu, but, at present, it is difficult to shake the position of Baidu, unless, there is more innovative mode of innovation beyond the current search engine, to have a little chance of success, if it is imitation, blindly imitate, The core content or others, then, no amount of effort is for others to do wedding clothes, do not say beyond, survival is a problem!

Many people say they want to start a business on the Internet, and the first thing they do is lose half the chance to succeed. For example, the industry website, they advertise their products, usually better than competitors how best to do propaganda, and even a small details are described by the vivid, but these small details of innovation really good? The same product, only in the packaging up and down the effort, users will sell the bill? Pseudo original site Most of the collection of the same industry site article content, and then simply change the title, add some text, paragraphs between the upset and then is a so-called original, this change the head does not change the face, the same article, senior users will see a glance through, General user view will have a sense of acquaintance, think about, standing on the basis of user experience, is how bad, will not send such an exclamation, this website content is imitation So-and-so famous website, content all do, the product is also copied!

Website Marketing Promotion is a multifaceted work, any part of the does not allow is careless, and, now the Internet has gradually highlighted the situation, if only replication, simple replication, the possibility of such success has been getting smaller, the rise and fall of group buying site can give webmaster friends a lively class, copy the so-called Advanced mode, Then invest a lot of money, if not innovation, will eventually fail!

The use of false original site content updates webmaster, from the beginning to ignore the value and significance of the site, the mentality of losing a layer, think about, Internet entrepreneurship is the most important one is the mentality, not a good attitude, it is difficult to make achievements! Take a pseudo original software tool, then bring an article, then copy, Click on a few mouse, an article is made, if the site content update is so simple, is not everyone can do, if, as a site optimization is an important link to the content of the site update on this completed, the rest of the chain, friendship links can also find shortcuts, this kind of bad mentality how to do a good job of website promotion?

False original also has the biggest drawback is that the site has no soul, because all the content is to copy others and use technical means to disguise, a few keywords of random accumulation, such a site to do is worried, scattered and disorderly, looks more miserable, no soul of the site is very terrible, Eventually, even if the user is not discarded, will be the webmaster to abandon themselves! Because, from the beginning, such a site webmaster do not have the confidence to do!

Of course, pseudo original is not completely worthless, if blindly walk the original route, the original quality is not high, the user experience will be greatly reduced, and the original to spend a lot of time and experience, the real site content update should not forget the service object is who, Quweicunzhen is the meaning of false original! For example, the user is the content of the renewal of the core, around this topic, learn from other people's theme for content writing update, on the basis of other people's more perfect expression and elaboration, will get search engine quickly included, user satisfaction double effect! This article is built by Shenzhen website: http:// first A5 webmaster nets, reproduced please keep the original link, thank you!

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