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This tutorial describes how to make photos of Ps into postcards. The results of this tutorial are still very good and difficult. it is suitable for beginners to learn, we recommend that you go to the feet Home. if you like it, come and learn it. in this tutorial, we will introduce Ps to friends of the feet home to make their photos into postcards. The tutorial is very good. we recommend you go to the feet home, come and learn together!

Production process:

1. create a new file with a width of 8 cm, a height of 5 cm, and a resolution of DPI. Set the foreground color to gray RGB values to 192, 192, and 192 respectively, and fill in the background.

Effect 01 is shown.

2. create a new layer, click the rectangular box selection tool, and create a rectangular selection area in the image window. fill the selection area with black and then cancel the selection,

The result 02 is displayed.

3. create a new layer, click the rectangular box selection tool, and create a rectangular selection area in the image window. fill the selection area in white and then cancel the selection,

Effect 03 is shown.

4. open a clip file, as shown in figure 04.

Use the movement tool in the toolbox to drag the clip to the file, select layer 3, press Ctrl + T, hold down the Shift key, drag the control point in the upper right corner, and adjust the size as appropriate.

The effect is shown in figure 05.

5. open your own photo, as shown in figure 06.

Create a selection area along the edges of the character using the "cable logging tool" in the toolbox, as shown in 07.

Then, use the mobile tool to drag the person's image to the file, and then adjust the character size, as shown in 08.

6. enlarge the image and create a selection area as shown in 09 along the face of the character using a cable plug-in tool.

Run the "select" "" command in the menu bar and set the to 5 or 10 in the displayed dialog box.

7. run the "filter", "Miscellaneous", "dust and scratches" command on the menu bar of the selection area. in the displayed dialog box, set parameter 11.

The screen effect is 12.

8. select "fuzzy tool" in the toolbox and apply the unnatural parts, as shown in Figure 13.

9. select a character, execute the "filter", "artistic effect", and "poster edge" command in the menu bar, and set parameter 14 in the displayed dialog box.

The image effect is shown in Figure 15.

10. add a flower image, as shown in Figure 16.

Select the Magic Wand tool, set the tolerance to 50 in the attribute bar, click the white background, and then select the selection area to get the selection area. use the mobile tool to drag the flowers to the file, adjust the size and position, and press Ctrl + L to open the brightness/contrast dialog box 17.

Adjust the color of the flower to make the sunflower brighter, as shown in Figure 18.

11. create a new layer in layer 2, use the loose tool to create a constituency in the background at will, and then feather the constituency with a radius of 10 and 19.

12. set the foreground color to blue, fill in the selected area, and cancel the selected area. The effect is 20.

13. add text, as shown in Figure 21.

14. create a new layer, click the custom shape tool, click the path button in the attribute bar, select the "petal" shape from the shape drop-down list, add the petals to the image, and fill in the yellow color, the final result is 22.

At the end of the tutorial, Ps will make your photos into postcards. hope to help you!

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