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Window Workspace default window (recovery)


Dot Matrix (pixel chart) Small squares are composed of

Alt key Fit Zoom out


DPI print output.

Canvas NEW

Z-Key Local amplification right-click actual pixel operation

F key Fullscreen

Space bar Canvas's prefix


Foreground background color

Click the Rectangle Marquee Tool

Select area Edit Fill foreground color

CRLT + D deselect or tap an empty space

The same background color on the top

Fill foreground color Alt + DEL
Fill background Color Ctrl + DEL

Edit back A

Move Area

Moving patterns

Create a new transparent layer CTRL + ALT + N (3 +n)

CTRL + ALT simultaneously mouse click on the add and subtract layers selection layer

V Displacement Tool

Ctrl + j Copy and paste layer contents in situ

Ellipse options

Shift-Select positive Circle

Edit Free transform Ctrl + t

CTRL + Alt +z back action

In move state, alt drag to copy

Transparent locking

Shift locks the Fill area

Layer changes up and down as it moves up and down

CTRL + [Ctrl +] layers move up or down

Rotate shift Rotation angle

View Ctrl + R ruler View Snap to align

Lock Fill General

View clear Reference Lines


Select Alt + S + t zoom after creating a selection change selection

Alt symmetry in addition to copying. Symmetric

Ctrl + E Merge

Stroke ALT + E + S key combination

Double-click the corresponding layer style

The border setting is filled with 0;

Opacity all current opacity.

Select Del to delete the unwanted.

Select all to display the transform controls horizontally centered.

3+t repeat and copy the last free transform

Zoom in to make sure the transformation is not small in replication

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