PS Text effects Tutorial: Texture Three-dimensional graffiti text effects

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This tutorial not only introduces the character of the text production, but also includes the text of the bottom of the decoration and background, such as the production of many parts. In order to enhance the character of the text, the font needs to design their own, and then the text to increase the texture and three-dimensional.

The final effect of Zhang

1, File > New, create a new 1000x500 pixel file.

2, select the background layer, use the Paint bucket tool, fill color #d0cfcf.

3, now we use the text to create a new layer, you can go online to find some cartoon font, or design one to do, here created a, into my computer and scanned sketches. Next, use your pen tool to make a letter. I use the word "graffiti", the Chinese meaning is graffiti.

4. Select the path (right-click to select) and fill it with color.

5, name this layer. This layer is named "G". Copy this layer to produce a G copy layer. Double-click the G Copy layer, and in the pop-up Layer Style dialog box, change the color.

6, then use the arrow keys to move the "G copy" layer up to 5PX and move 8 or 9 pixels.

7, the original "G" layer to add layer style, make an inner shadow.

8. Select "G copy" layer, Layer menu > Layer style > Create layer on the Level Panel. Select the layer using the Burn tool or Dodge tool, which is the part of the G-word in the layer to darken or dodge. Note: Green circle with a burn tool, red circle with Dodge tool.

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