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Introduction of Putty

Putty is a remote login tool that makes it easy to log on to a Linux server for a variety of operations (command-line mode). Putty is completely free and does not need to be installed (double-click to run), support a variety of connection types (Telnet, SSH, Rlogin ...), easy to use, it is a very recommended tool.

Ii. Download of Putty Toolkit

Putty's official website is www.putty.org. Access to the official website can download free putty, download putty alone, you can download the Putty Toolkit, the toolkit contains a lot of use tools. (Click to download Putty.zip)

Third, the use of putty

Double-click to run Putty, in host Name (or IP address) to enter the target host IP addresses, click Open to connect.

Enter the username password at the command line to login to the system for various actions.

If you think the default font is not good-looking, you can also make various settings for the font. (Window->appearance->font settings)

Iv. Use of PSCP

Putty can remotely log on to the host, while PSCP can transfer files to a remote host and is very simple to use.

PSCP do not want Putty to run directly, but rather run from a command prompt. Enter PSCP.EXE to see the specific usage of PSCP.

Transfer files to a Linux host, for example: PSCP.EXE d:hello.txt pharen@, Enter the password to transfer hello.txt to the Linux user home directory downloads folder

Standard format PSCP. EXE Transfer file directory username @ host Address: Accept file directory

Of course, you can download files from a remote host to this computer, for example: PSCP. EXE Pharen@ D:

Standard format PSCP. EXE username @ host Address: Transfer file directory native file directory

Common options

-Q: Quiet mode, no information is displayed during transmission

-R: Transferring directory

-P Port: Specify SSH port, default is 22

-L User: Specifies which user is logged on to a remote host for transmission and can be written with the host address, such as pharen@

-PW PASSW: Specify user password at logon

-C: Allow compression

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