Putty (WINSCP) cannot connect to Linux (Ubuntu)

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In order to be able to be compatible with the company's 64-bit system of the MapReduce program compiled by my own laptop, I removed my original 32-bit Ubuntu virtual machine and installed the latest ubuntu-14.04.2-desktop-amd64.iso.

But the problem has arisen, my winscp and putty are not connected to my Ubuntu system, after some exploration, summarized as follows ("#" below is the root user):

1. Network connection, network adapter, virtual machine, settings, should be changed to Bridge mode .

2. Note that when you change to bridging mode, your Ubuntu system's IP address changes, and the reader can test it with the shell command ifconfig. So after changing to bridging mode, the hostname on your WINSCP interface and host name on the Putty interface should be re-populated with the IP address of the Ubuntu system that you changed into bridging mode .

3. You should be able to ping the Ubuntu IP on your Windows system or ping your Windows IP on Ubuntu, but WinSCP and putty still can't connect to your Ubuntu.

4. This should be your Ubuntu system does not start the sshd, please #apt-get install openssh-server installation.

5. Then restart SSH:#/etc/init.d/ssh Restart

6. Test whether SSH is available: #ssh localhost

7. Found that the 6th step is still not connected, we now have a lore:reboot (restart your Ubuntu system)

8. Test #ps-E | grep ssh found ssh process, #ssh localhost found ssh success, at this time with WINSCP and putty to connect Ubuntu system, successfully!

Putty (WINSCP) cannot connect to Linux (Ubuntu)

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