Red Hat Linux Fedora Core 2 Simplified Chinese version

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9CD + 1DVD (installation manual); the most authoritative: only authorized by Red Hat official; the most comprehensive: Support for CD-ROM, DVD two formats; the most convenient: particularly Add a DVD system installation disk, users of DVD drive can avoid frequent disk replacement; best value: the only 30-day free telephone installation support service

9CD + 1DVD (installation manual)

1. The most authoritative: the only official authorization of Red Hat

2. The latest version: Red Hat Linux Fedora Core 2 (Simplified Chinese Version) is the latest version of Red Hat Linux Personal Edition.

3. Comprehensive: supports two formats: CD-ROM and DVD.

4. Most convenient: Add a DVD system installation disk, which frees users from frequent disk replacement.

5. Best Value: The only 30-day free telephone installation support service


1. Red Hat Linux Fedora Core2 (Simplified Chinese Version) is the only authorized product officially. It is the latest version of Red Hat Linux Personal Edition.

2. As the general agent of Red Hat in China, Beijing liren software marketing Co., Ltd. is the only organization in mainland China authorized by Red Hat to produce Red Hat Linux. Other unauthorized Red Hat Linux products cannot enjoy any technical support and upgrade services.

3. Red Hat Linux Fedora Core2 combines the latest appearance with the most advanced technology 1 to create a rich personal Creation environment. The new blue curve desktop design makes the interface simple, easy to use, and greatly enhances the number and Effect of images. It supports multi-system coexistence and automatic hardware detection through easy-to-use system configuration graphics tools, which greatly facilitates user installation.

4. fedora integrates, the most advanced open-source office suite, to make it easier for people who want to use the office environment, and integrates the Mozilla Browser and Ximian Evolution Suite, by adding email and Communication Management project management software, video conferencing software, and instant messaging software, users can be more personalized. By integrating network servers based on Apache2.0, it allows individual users to build flexible and secure open-source network servers, improving the powerful power driving the internet. In addition to the above tools, there are also a number of powerful configuration tool groups that can be set for the configuration of many systems, includes firewalls, peripheral devices, Apache, Samba, and some small network settings.

5. red Hat Fedora Core 2 Personal (Simplified Chinese Version) contains four installation CD, four source code CD, one system repair CD, and a special DVD installation disk, to facilitate the use of DVD drive users, and the product is accompanied by a registration card, users can enjoy 30 days after registration free telephone installation support services.

6. New Features of Red Hat Fedora Core 2

Kernel 2.6.5-1 KDE 3.2.2 gcc-3.3.3/glibc2-2.3.3 Web Server powered by Apache Http Server 2.0.49/CUPS-1.1.20 GNU Emacs-21.3-12 GIMP-2.0.1 Gphoto2-2.1.4 MrProject-0.10/Mozilla-1.6-8 Postfix-2.0.18/Perl-5.8.3

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