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Below are some feed-related RSS (Content Aggregation) tools and resources I have collected during the blog process. I hope these tools and resources will help you create and read feeds.

Rss ping server address

After the log is published, the relevant server is automatically notified for indexing or indexing by the relevant server. In Wordpress or MovableType, add the following address to the ping server address:

Http:// 10080/
Http:// (currently inaccessible in China)

Reverse Link Tracking of blog

Do you want to know what others comment on your blog? You can use the following services to track the reverse link information of a blog and learn the popularity of your blog.

Bloglines citations: the reverse link tracking service provided by Bloglines.

Technorati: The old blog search service also provides reverse link viewing. Unfortunately, it is blocked,

Google blog search: A blog search tool provided by Google. You can use the link command to view reverse links.

RSS hosting service

If a personal blog uses a VM or is often migrated, it is a good choice to use the RSS hosting service. Currently, there are two options.

Feedburner: it is the most widely used RSS hosting service, but it may be at risk in China.

Feedsky: The longest RSS hosting service in China. It is commendable that its feeddomain function is free of charge, while feedburner's function is charged. For the effect of feeddomain, see this address.

RSS reading

RSS reading is divided into online reading and offline reading.

Online reading: overseas websites include Bloglines, Rojo, newsgator, and Google Reader.

Domestic Products include: shrimp and dogs.

There are not many options for offline RSS readers. Currently, greatnews is widely used.

Email subscription RSS Service

Foreign Countries: rssfwd. It is recommended that you subscribe to it using a foreign mailbox.

Domestic: RSS mail is available all over the world. We recommend that you subscribe to it using a Chinese mailbox.

What is RSS?

RSS is a simple way for websites to share content with other sites (also called aggregate content). It is usually used for news and other websites in order, such as blogs. A project may contain all the news. Or, it's just additional content or a brief introduction. Links to these projects can usually be linked to all content. Network users can read the content of the website that supports RSS output without opening the website content page by using the RSS-supported news aggregation tool software on the client. The website provides RSS output to help users discover updates to website content.

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