Safe Internet access during summer vacation helps you easily block poor websites

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To do things well, you must first sharpen your weapon. First, let's talk about Windows. There is a file named Host in Windows (If your operating system is Windows 98, go to the c: \ Windows directory to find it, for Windows 2000, go to the c: \ Windows \ System32 \ DRIVERS \ etc directory.) The word "host" is the meaning of the host, this file stores the ing between the domain name and IP address, that is, the one-to-one correspondence between an IP address and a domain name.

For example, when you enter the " hosts file" in the address bar of IE browser, in fact, carefully look at it, you will see the IP address in the lower left corner of IE, but it is a flash. If this ing is not found in the HOST file, IE queries DNS further.

There are thousands of DNS servers on the Internet. They all play the same role, that is, they store file groups similar to HOSTS. After finding these groups, they will be the same as what we just said, if it cannot be found, it indicates that the domain name you entered has not been applied for, and IE will return the "Http 404" error, that is, the prompt cannot be found on the webpage.

Well, with so many basic knowledge, we started to talk about today's theme officially, that is, using the HOSTS file function of the local machine to shield the poor site, in this way, the website is blacklisted. First, right-click the HOSTS file we just found and select "open ", in the "open mode" dialog box, select the "Notepad" Program (because the icon of the HOST file is not recognized by Windows, but it is essentially a text file, the purpose of this operation is to prevent users from making changes at will. You don't need to take a closer look at the above pile. Observe the following line and one line is written like this: " Localhost" (note that spaces must be used in the middle). The "" at the beginning is an IP address. However, it is special and indicates "localhost ", that is, the meaning of "Local Machine", that is, the machine currently used by the operator. Then we press Enter next to this line, enter "" in this format, and save the disk to exit, enter the "" address in the IE Address Bar and press Enter. Think about what will happen? Maybe you guessed it. Yes, at this time, IE cannot take you to the real IP address corresponding to this domain name. Instead, it will take you to the IP address, that is to say, you have turned to a circle and ran back, do you know? In this case, will the website be blocked?

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