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First, extract an introduction to Sphinx:

Sphinx is an SQL-based full-text search engine that can be used in combination with MySQL and PostgreSQL for full-text search. It provides more professional search functions than the database itself, this makes it easier for applications to implement professional full-text retrieval. Sphinx specially designs search API interfaces for some scripting languages, such as PHP, Python, Perl, and Ruby. It also designs a storage engine plug-in for MySQL.

Sphinx a single index can contain a maximum of 0.1 billion records. The query speed of 10 million records is 0. x seconds (in milliseconds ). The index creation speed of sphenders is: 3 to 3 for creating an index with 1 million records ~ In four minutes, you can create an index of 10 million records within 50 minutes, and only the incremental Index containing the latest 0.1 million records takes dozens of seconds to recreate the index.

The main features of Sphinx include:

High-speed indexing (nearly 10 Mb/s on the new CPU );
High-speed search (the average query speed of 2-4g text is less than 0.1 seconds );
High Availability (up to 100 GB of text and MB of documents can be supported on a single CPU );
Provides a good correlation ranking
Supports distributed search;
Generate document summaries;
Search from the plug-in storage engine in MySQL
Support searching Boolean, phrase, and synonym;
Supports multiple full-text search domains for each document (up to 32 by default );
Multiple attributes of each document are supported;
Support word breaking;
Supports single-byte encoding and UTF-8 encoding;

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