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The search window allows you to search for projects in multiple PDF files. For example, you can search in all PDF files in a specific location or in a public PDF package
Search all files.
NOTE: If documents are encrypted (Secure Application), you cannot search them as part of multi-document search. First open these documents, and then search
. However, Adobe Digital
Editions encryption is a special case. You can search for multiple documents.
1. Open it on your desktop Acrobat (Not in a web browser ).
2. perform any of the following operations.
• On the "Search" toolbar, type the text you want to search for and select "Open complete acrobat search" from the pop-up menu ".
• In the search window, enter the text to be searched.
3. In the search window, select "All PDF documents, located ". Select "Search location" from the menu below this option ".
4. Select a location, or click OK on your computer or network ".
5. Click "use advanced search options" and select this option to specify additional search conditions.
6. Click search ".
During the search process, you can click the results or use the keyboard shortcut to navigate the results without interrupting the search. Click the stop button under the search progress bar to cancel
Continue to search. Only the sample results that have been found are displayed. This button does not close the "Search" window or delete the "result" list. To view more results, run the new

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