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if we can introduce ourselves correctly and appropriately in interpersonal communication, we can not only enlarge our communicative scope, make friends, but also help self-promotion, self-display, reduce trouble in intercourse and eliminate misunderstanding. The following is a study abroad network for you to collect and organize the social etiquette of self-introduction , Welcome to read!

In a sense, self-introduction is a key to social interaction. Use well, can for your social activities smooth help, on the contrary may bring you a variety of disadvantages. So being able to sell yourself is crucial. Self-introduction is a way and means to promote the image and value of oneself.

There are a few things you need to introduce yourself: social occasions when you meet someone you want to meet, and you can't find the right person to introduce you. At this time, self-introduction should be humble, concise, to the other side of the admiration of the sincere expression. The phone is about someone, and he has never met him. At this point to the other side to introduce their basic situation, but also briefly talk about the reasons for the appointment. Before giving a speech or speaking. At this time to face the audience to do self-introduction, it is best to be concise, but also features, the use of "first cause effect", to the audience a good first impression. Apply for or run for a job. It is more necessary to introduce yourself, and there may be more than one form of self-introduction. There must be a written presentation of the material (CV), but also oral, or detailed or simple, or serious, or humorous humor. This will directly affect the success of the job-seekers or candidates.

  First, master the language art of self-introduction, should pay attention to the following aspects of the problem:

(1) Be calm and confident and articulate your name (which is a must), and be good at using body language, express your kindness, care, sincerity and desire, this is the expression of self-confidence. If the introduction of self-ambiguous, vague, revealing shyness of self-esteem, will make people feel that you can not grasp themselves, and thus will affect the further communication between each other.

(2) According to the purpose of different exchanges, pay attention to the introduction of simplified. Self-introduction generally includes name, place of origin, occupation, position, work or address, graduation school, experience, specialty or interest. Self-introduction should be based on the actual needs to determine the introduction of the simplified, do not necessarily say the above-mentioned content. In the presence of elders or holiness, the tone should be humble, and in front of peers and colleagues, the tone should be crisp and straightforward.

(3) Self-evaluation to master the sense of propriety. Self-evaluation generally should not use "very", "first" and so on to express the words of extreme praise, do not intentionally belittle, the key lies in mastering the sense of propriety.

Self-Introduction, is in the necessary social occasions, introduce themselves to other people, in order to make the other person know themselves. Proper self-introduction can not only improve the understanding of others, but also create unexpected business opportunities.

Second, self-introduction according to the different introducer, can be divided into active self-introduction and passive self-introduction two types.

(1) In social activities, in order to meet a person or someone but no one introduced, you can act as their own introducer, introduce themselves to each other. This self-introduction is called Active self-introduction.

(2) At the request of others, the specific situation of some aspects of their own self-introduction. This self-introduction is called passive self-introduction.

What kind of self-introduction is used in practice depends on the specific circumstances and conditions.

Third, grasp the timing of self-introduction

In business situations, if you encounter the following situations, self-introduction is very necessary:

(1) Get along with a person who has no acquaintance.

(2) Those who are not acquainted with themselves are very interested.

(3) Others ask themselves to introduce themselves.

(4) At the party with the strangers around.

(5) A communication circle involving strangers.

(6) The object of Help does not know much about himself or knows nothing about it.

(7) travel to unfamiliar units for business contact.

(8) It is necessary to meet others while on the road and to contact people.

(9) The first time to visit people who are not acquainted.

(10) Meet the Secretary rejecting, or please do not know the person to tell.

(11) The first time to use the mass media, such as newspapers, magazines, radio, television, film, slogans, leaflets, to the public self-promotion, self-promotion.

(12) Use social media such as letters, telephones, telegrams, faxes and e-mails to communicate with other people who are not acquainted with them.

 Iv. according to the needs of different occasions and environments, the way of self-introduction is as follows:

 (1) The self-introduction of the social intercourse. This self-introduction is the most concise, often only includes the name of one item. Like "Hello! my name is Mike." ”

It is suitable for public occasions and general social occasions, such as encounters on the way, banquet scenes, dances, telephone calls. It is the object of the general contact with the person of communication.

 (2) Self-introduction of working style. work-style self-introduction of the content, including my surname, unit of service and Department, take responsibility for the job or the specific work of three items.

① name. Should be reported in one mouthful, not nameless, or famous no surname.

② units. The units and departments of service, if possible, may best be reported, the specific work department can sometimes not be reported.

③ position. A job or a specific job, a job with the best job title, a lower position or no job, you can report the specific work currently engaged.

For example, it can be said: "My name is Tango, is the Big Qin advertising company's public relations manager." ”

 (3) The exchange of self-introduction. also called social self-introduction or communication self-introduction, is a deliberate seeking to communicate with the object of further communication, hope that the other side know themselves, understand themselves, and self-introduction to establish contact. It is suitable for social activities, including my name, work, place of origin, education, interest and the relationship with some acquaintances. such as: "My name is Wang Guang, is vice president of the run company." 10 years ago, I and your husband were college classmates. ”

(4) Etiquette-style self-introduction. It is a kind of self-introduction to the friendship and respect of the object of intercourse. Applicable to lectures, reports, performances, celebrations, ceremonies and other formal occasions. The contents include name, unit, title, etc. Introduce oneself, also should add some appropriate trivially condescending, honorific, show oneself respect the object of contact. such as: "Ladies and gentlemen, hello everyone!" My name is Song Yu, the manager of the elite Culture Company. On this occasion, on behalf of the company warmly welcome guests to visit the guidance, thank you for your support. ”

 (5) question-and-answer self-introduction. make your own answers to the questions raised by the other party. This method is suitable for examination, application and official communication. In the ordinary social intercourse occasion, it also has the time to see. For example, the other person asks, "What is this gentleman's name?" Answer: "No surname, Long bow." ”

  V. Mastering self-Introduction and propriety

If you want to introduce yourself to the right level, you must attach great importance to the following issues:

(1) Pay attention to time

① Self-Introduction must strive to be concise, as far as possible to save time. Usually in half a minute or so, preferably not longer than 1 minutes without special circumstances. In order to improve efficiency, in self-introduction, you can use business cards, letters of introduction and other information to assist.

② Self-introduction should be carried out at the appropriate time. Self-Introduction, the best choice in the other side is interested, have free, good mood, less interference, there is a requirement. If the other party's interest is not high, the work is busy, the disturbance is big, the mood is not good, does not have the request, the rest meal or is busy other communication, is not suitable to introduce oneself.

(2) Attention to attitude

① attitude to maintain natural, friendly, friendly, easy-going, the overall emphasis on the graceful, smiling.

② is full of confidence and courage. Taboo to belittle oneself, timid. Dare to face each other's eyes, appear to be confident, leisurely.

③ tone Natural, speed normal, language clear. Blunt and indifferent tone, too fast too slow speed, or vague voice, will seriously affect the image of self-introduction.

(3) The Pursuit of truth. Self-Introduction when the content expressed, must be realistic, true and credible. Excessive modesty, blindly belittle oneself to please others, or boast, exaggeration, are unworthy.

 VI. matters of caution

1. Notice method:

Introduce yourself, you should first nod to each other, get a response and then introduce themselves to each other. If an introducing person is present, self-introduction is considered impolite. Be good at expressing your kindness with your eyes, expressing your concern, and your desire to communicate. If you want to meet someone, you'd better get some information about him beforehand, such as character, specialty and hobbies. So after the introduction of self, it is easy to talk in harmony. After getting the name of the other person, you may want to repeat the verbal accent, because everyone is happy to hear their name.

2, note the content:

The contents of the self-introduction include 3 basic elements: My name, the unit of service and the specific department, the position and the specific work performed. These 3 elements, in self-introduction, should be in a continuous report, so that both to give people a full impression, but also save time, do not say nonsense. To be true and sincere, to be realistic, not to boast, exaggerated their words.

 Self-introduction skills in the interview

  1. Don't forget to greet the opening

A lot of interviewers come up and say, I'm ... but you should pay attention to who you want to explain the situation to, remember to greet a voice such as "good teacher" or "interviewer, hello", the sound of a loud spirit.

 2. "Who am I?"

The first step in introducing yourself is to let the interviewer know who you are. In this step, you mainly introduce your personal information including your name, educational background, etc. The vivid, the image, the personalized introduction own name, not only can arouse the interviewer's attention, but also may make the interview the atmosphere to become relaxed. There are many ways to personalize your name, from the sound, meaning, or shape of the name to the origin of the name.

For example: from the name of the tone: My name Shao Fei, homophonic less non-, hope that life can be less wrong. From the meaning of the name: My name is Yufei fish. The old saying goes: The son is not fish to know the joy of fish. My parents want me to live like a fish at ease. From the shape of the name: my name Chen Yun. My father's name is Chenbin, and Bin's baby is Yoon-jin. From the origin of the name: My name is Zhaodan, Zhao Benshan cho, song Dandan Dan. My parents want me to be as humorous as they are to life.

 3, around the position of competency requirements to expand

The interviewer is concerned about your job matching and the ability to relate to your post. Especially in your last 3-5 years, the early days of doing things that are related to job matching, that is, in the same area of specialization, can also be introduced. If the other thing that was done five years ago is not related to the professional degree of the post, don't introduce or simply describe the background and motivation of the professional conversion at that time.

Miss Zhang and Miss Yang are just graduating students, learning English majors, academic achievements are outstanding, two people at the same time apply for a company's senior secretarial position. The personnel manager looked after the resume, is difficult to choose. So inform two people interview, the examiner let them first to do a simple self-introduction. Miss Zhang introduced her age, graduation school, professional, family situation and her own personality, and expressed her expectations of the position.

And Miss Yang introduced herself: "About my case resume is introduced in more detail." In this I would like to focus on three points: good spoken English, has used the holiday in the travel agency to do a guide, took the European and American Regiment. Moreover, the writing is better, has published 6 articles in the press. Third, can use all kinds of office software skillfully. Finally, the personnel manager hired Miss Yang.

3, self-introduction to have arguments and arguments

There can be no argument but no argument, and when necessary, use quantitative data to speak.

For example, to show that they have a strong willpower, can be expressed as "I insist on running 3000 meters a day, I insist on cold shower in winter, both save the cost of living, and exercise Yi Zhi." The introduction of social practice and practice, it can be said that "a maximum of 60 TV sets a day, my college tuition and expenses and the cost of living half of what they earn" and so on.

 4. Prepare multiple interview self-introduction

The state-owned enterprises, foreign companies, famous enterprises, as well as different sizes of enterprise interviews have a great difference, so should prepare at least three self-introduction templates, respectively, a minute, two minutes, three minutes of self-introduction. the content of self-introduction can be focused on different time.

 5, self-introduction to the first simulation walkthrough

Please your classmates or friends to you to do the interviewer, let them give you fault, to make self-introduction language refining concise, general strong, rich content, highlight highlights. Let them point you to the pros and cons of the introduction, and constantly revise and refine the template. They can evaluate your behavior, movements, and expressions in a comprehensive and objective way. After several simulations, the tension was relieved by the interview.

  do not forget to say thank you after the introduction of the self, to maintain proper, and sometimes it will affect the examiner's impression of you. The interview process should show both individuality and objective expression. Finally, I wish the new people in the workplace a smooth job.

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