Sleep command in Windows XP

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1. Open "Control Panel"> "power options". In the "Sleep" tab, check "enable sleep" to enable the sleep function. If this item is unavailable, your power supply does not support sleep. Or if you have installed some protection software such as the restore wizard, you cannot enable the sleep function.
2. After enabling the sleep function of the computer, you can set the "System sleep" Time in the "power usage" tab of "power options", for example, "20 minutes later ", the system automatically goes to sleep state 20 minutes after the computer has no keyboard or mouse operation and no read/write hard disk operation, and then turns off the computer power.
3. In the "Start"> "run" command line, enter
At 8:10 rundll32 powrprof. dll, setsuspendstate
Pay attention to the case, and then press "OK. Allows the computer to sleep regularly (that is, the computer enters sleep state ).
4. Enter the sleep state manually
(1) In the "advanced" tab of "power options", you can select "Sleep" when you press the computer power button ", press the power button to sleep the computer. You can also press sleep on the keyboard to sleep the computer.
(2) You can also choose "sleep" in "START" → "shut down the computer" (or "shut down the system") or make the computer sleep. If the shutdown dialog box only has "standby", Press shift to make it "Sleep ".
(3) In the "Start"> "run" dialog box, write:
Rundll32 powrprof. dll, setsuspendstate
Note the case sensitivity. Press "OK.
(4) create a batch file and enter the above command. Create a shortcut on the desktop, so that every time you double-click the shortcut icon, the computer enters the sleep state.

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