Social media marketing skills and strategies

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Social media marketing techniques and strategies
Basic Information
Author: (US) Liana "Li" Evans (Li Yunna. Li wensi) [Translator's introduction]
Translator: Wang Zhenglin Wang Quan Xiao Jing
Press: Electronic Industry Press
ISBN: 9787121169243
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Published on: February 1, June 2012
Start: 16
Page number: 1
Version: 1-1
Category: more about economic management, social media marketing techniques and strategies
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In the current new media era, the content is king, and the marketing rules have changed. The key to winning Marketing lies in creating a new marketing model-social media marketing. This article describes how to understand the audience, interact with them, establish trust, protect brands, integrate social media into existing marketing plans, and quantify the effectiveness of marketing strategies. super practical skills, we will teach you how to customize your social media policies, arrange Human Resources, schedule resources, control risks, and successfully execute a series of policies, so that you can easily deal with social media marketing.
Social media marketing techniques and strategies are very suitable for marketers and entrepreneurs in the new media era. They are also good references for other practitioners.
Social media marketing techniques and strategies
Article 3 unveil the layer-5 veil of social media marketing
Chapter 2 four fatal mistakes of social media marketing 2
What is smo (Social Media Optimization) 3
Misunderstanding 1: Overnight red is planned 3
Misunderstanding 2: full control of dialog 4
Misunderstanding 3: A department can be responsible for social media strategies 7
Misunderstanding 4: people inside the company will not influence social media strategies 8
Don't be tempted.
Chapter 1 social media marketing strategy 10
Type of social media 11
Chapter 1 objectives and measures of social media marketing 17
Quantitative Measurement of marketing objectives 18
Different marketing platforms set different targets 19
Conclusion 26
Chapter 2 Social Media Marketing: Dialog world 28
Quantitative Measurement of dialog effect 28
Dialog monitoring 29
Key points of the conversation 30
Participate in the conversation in an off-peak return 33
Join casual but relevant conversations 34
Dialog on multiple platforms 35
Chapter 1 6 target audience of social media marketing 37
Creator 39
Reviewer 39
Collector 40
Participant 40
Viewer 41
Inactive molecule 41
Understand groundswell analysis tools 41
Use groundswell analysis tool 42
Do not understand the consequences of the audience 44
Conclusion 45
Article 5 social media marketing Dialog
Chapter 4 if you are or are not there, the conversation is there 48
Even if you are not listening, others will always talk about you. 49
At&t case: Missed dialog opportunities 50
Do not control dialog 53
Chapter 4 legal risks that cannot be prevented 54
Complying with laws does not affect the fun of playing social media 55
Teach the legal team some social media knowledge 55
Let your team understand the law 56
Understand the legal consequences of your industry 56
Let the legal department help you develop a social media system 57
Contingency Plan 59
What if there is no legal team? 60
Chapter 2 challenges of "ill-spoken" 61
Anyone can participate in social media 61
Do not let external forces push your efforts on social media 63
What is the difference between a hacker and an angry customer? 64
Chapter 1 community training and dialogue 69
Familiar with Community rules 70
Listen more, read more, speak less 71
Community rules 72
Who are community leaders 73
Remember: 75 of the most annoying community marketers
Chapter 6 valuable conversations: a gift to the community 76
What are the most important parts of the Community? 77
Valuable content is a good gift 78
Don't expect community members to pay 79 for free
The time for community members is also precious 80
The coupon is nothing. 80
Pay 82 in the shortest of hope
Do not pay 83 in return
Chapter 4 effective dialogs: 84 from bloggers
Bloggers are not journalists 85
Bloggers know the power of their speech 86
It does not matter how many people subscribe to a blog. 87
Bloggers do not need your favorite 88
Learn more about bloggers 88
Establishing a sincere relationship with bloggers 89
Communities of bloggers, very powerful 90
Paying links 90
Chapter 2 each company is different 92
Successful marketing varies by 93
Do not follow competitors 93
Build powerful customer service 94
Listen to customer ideas 95
Loyal fans of the brand, able to change everything 96
Give employees a little power 97
Willing to accept change 97
Chapter 2 dialog 99 on multiple platforms
The audience may not like your platform 100
People will not talk about 101 on a single platform.
Possible audience Transfer Platform 103
Browser platform limitations 104
What happens if the social media platform disappears? 105
Chapter 1 ineffective platform, discard conversation 14th
Evaluation of policy effects 108
Monitoring of policy effects 109
Measure the policy effect by 111
Successful target 113
Learn to discard 114
Chapter 5 constantly trying new technology platforms 15th
Novelty syndrome 116
Early users 117
119 on a whim
Response to social media website or tool faults: 119
Be cautious with cutting-edge technologies 121
3rd rules for enterprise social media marketing
Chapter 1 marketing strategy for everyone participation 16th
Who is responsible for policy 125
Not all social media users are 125 young people.
The company's senior management personnel should participate in 126
Negative impact of company employees on policies: 127
Employee approval system 128
129 of advocates who cultivate social media marketing strategies
Chapter 1 indispensable media system 17th
Visit social media website 130 during work hours
Employee education and training 132
Do not let the human resources department develop an independent system 133
Involve legal department in 134
Social media activity 135 after work
Chapter 1 moral competitiveness of media marketing strategy 18th
Personal ethics impact strategy 138
Everyone wants to become star 139
Disputes and storms are not always the best means 140
Internet amplification affects 141
Marketing targets: 142 million people
Chapter 4 who is the media spokesman of the company 19th
Everyone has their own role 144
Marketing team 145
PR team 146
Seo 148
Customer Service Team 149
IT department 150
150 of every person in the team
Everyone needs to be 151 on the same horizontal line
Chapter 5 never underestimate customer service 20th
The customer service does not just answer 154 calls
In the dialog, it is important to put yourself in the position of 154
Customer Service knows how to listen 155
Customer Service know how to share 156
Our customer service can provide you with insights 157
Summary 158
Chapter 1 interns can only beat soy sauce 21st
Interns do not know your brand 160
Interns do not understand the company's ethics or business philosophy 161
Interns are not really interested 161
Interns cannot perform major PR activities 162
Global Platform 162
Interns do not really understand marketing 163
Can interns connect to the target market? 164
The intern leaves 164 soon.
Chapter 1 consistent marketing strategy and brand positioning 22nd
Do everyone know your marketing strategy? 167
Is it online fraud 168
No longer creating barriers 169
Everyone needs to know your marketing strategy 170
Not only websites need to build brand 171
Chapter 2 transparent social media marketing 23rd
Tell them why 175 is there.
Enter personal information page 176
Building a good image 176 from the very beginning
For example, 177
It must win 178 of the trust of community members.
All community members are cynical. 179
Do not use "gunners" to write content 179
"The third time will be good luck" 180
Chapter 5 use a good Avatar this genie 24th
Carefully select Avatar 183
Employee profile picture 184
Community members and their Avatar 185
Community members remember 186
When should I change my avatar? 187
Interesting and creative combination 187
4th revealing 9 truth about social media marketing
Chapter 4 give up control and put yourself down 25th
Don't want to control anything. 193
This is irrelevant to you. 194
Customers have a say of 196
Cannot control the dialog time 196
Unable to control dialog content 197
Chapter 2 "listening and listening" social media era 26th
People want to say something. Listen to 200.
Learn Network Terminology 201
Listening helps avoid disasters by 202
Community is the best focus group 203
Listen with your mind 204
The interests of both parties are totally different. 205
Chapter 4 customers know your products better than you. Chapter 3: 27th
Customers know something you don't know 208.
Employees also know something you don't know. 210
Don't be afraid to combine 211
Give customers a sense of belonging of 213
Chapter 2 best creative hiding 28th
Everyone has idea 215
You may not be able to figure out the next great idea: 216
The next good idea will bring you 217 benefits.
Welcome to those "outsiders" who contribute their ideas 218
Sometimes, even the simplest idea works 219
Chapter 1 content must be valuable 29th
The end user decides the value of the content by 222
Listen to the ideas of the audience and make valuable content 224
What you think is valuable, maybe your audience thinks it is worthless 224
Valuable content is easily shared by 225.
Chapter 4 share is Wang Dao 30th
People need a sense of belonging: 229
People will share what they like 230
When people are disappointed, they want to tell others 232
Share smiling faces is Thanksgiving 233
Share to show yourself 234
Chapter 2 media Socialization: premise 31st
Not just "diving" 237
"Put it there, then forget" doesn't work for 237 in social media
Bright Ming's identity is less than 238
Only two people can perform a conversation 239
Not all about your content 241
Chapter 4 asking questions to the audience is also a kind of listening 32nd
You always want to hear why they like you 243
Don't shy away from the reason they don't like you 244
Ask the audience how you can improve by 246
247 trust where trust should be given
Chapter 1 what do you get 33rd
You need to invest 250 of your resources.
Provide valuable content 251
Like the bank account's first 251
Do not bribe community members 252
Various return methods, 252
5th network marketing turning to social media marketing
Chapter 1 consumers do not need to sell goods and experience 34th
Where is the marketing information available? Be careful! 257
Comply with Community rules 258
Let rules help you 260
Chapter 1 word-of-mouth monitoring and audience research cannot be less than 35th
The difference between listening and understanding is 263
What does word-of-mouth monitoring and audience research tell you? 263
Monitoring keeps you alert 265
Research can make up for 266
Chapter 2 SMM, Seo and PPC three arrows 36th
People still need to find you 269
Seo is about links, social media is not 270
Link bait is not a social media marketing 271
Use PPC to increase social media awareness by 272
Chapter 1 links and search engine results cannot be underestimated.
Social media information page and ranking 275
Do not perform social media interaction 276 for search engine rankings.
Social media communities are 277 more savvy than Seo
Are you looking for spam traffic or real interaction? 277
Leaving a link is a taboo of 278 in social media.
Chapter 1 consistent marketing strategy with social media 38th
Social media cannot survive in a vacuum of 281
People need a diversity of media 282
Offline activities also affect 283 of online activities.
People are searching 283
Chapter 4 create a social media-friendly "publishing center" 39th
Do not limit yourself to the traditional press release 287.
Making the content easier for bloggers and reporters by 288
Integrated and Integrated content 289
Make sure your teams work closely together for 290
Chapter 4 the video sharing website is qibing 40th
Crazy propagation is not the only metric 293
Video is more attractive than text by 295
The video will appear in the search result 295
Chapter 2 Social search focuses more on timeliness 41st
Find satisfactory result 299 immediately
Users of social media websites share their recent experience of 300
Social media is usually 301 faster than mainstream news websites.
Search engines want 302 of the freshest and most relevant content
Chapter 2 Web browsers are no longer unique 42nd
The audience uses Network Content 305 in multiple ways
The rise of smart phones: 306
Chapter 2 new search engine signal 43rd
The link is still important, but it is no longer the only 314
Chapter 2 select social media consulting consultant 44th
Find a suitable consultant 316
Chapter 2 Social Media Marketing: "7 Steps" 45th

Source of this book: China Interactive publishing network

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