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Thomas cramton: Chinese people use the online video platform in a very different way than Americans use YouTube.

The way that Chinese people use the online video platform is very different from the way that Americans use YouTube. Unlike short videos of cute animals or silly behaviors on YouTube, Youku and Tudou are more popular for a long time, and more than 70% of them are professionally produced. Chinese users spend an hour each day on these websites. Correspondingly, American users spend an average of 15 minutes each day. Therefore, the existence of video websites is, to a certain extent, like an online TV station or a digital video recorder. Although some people in China are making and posting videos, a large amount of video content is professional and long.

The demand for original content on Youku and Tudou has led to the vigorous development of online video companies. In some ways, these websites are more like variants based on American television service Hulu. Youku and Tudou, like TV stations, reflect the use modes of young people in China. If they are told that China is the country with the strictest social media controls in the world, Chinese college students are always skeptical, because they think the United States is the No. 1. (Views of foreign authors on China)

I like to raise the hand of a classmate who saw CCTV in the classroom last week. However, in general, no one raises his hand. But when I raised my hand to those who watched the video on Youku or Tudou in the past 24 hours, each of them raised their hands and laughed.



YouTube's purchase of Green Parrot Pictures will improve video quality

In March 16, YouTube announced the acquisition of Green Parrot Pictures, an Irish company. Maybe you don't know about it, however, the video enhancement technology developed by this company with six years of history can greatly improve the video quality while enabling low bandwidth, the Lord of the Rings, Batman, and X-Men movies all use their technology.


As a user, it may be difficult to clearly experience video bandwidth reduction or image quality improvement, but it is the foundation of video websites, especially for video sharing websites such as YouTube, it also means that bandwidth needs can be greatly reduced.


There have been an endless stream of YouTube-related acquisitions recently. It seems that YouTube in 2011 is really about to work.



Netpop Research: YouTube is the social media with the highest user satisfaction

According to a new survey by market Research firm Netpop Research, Facebook is currently the largest social networking site, while YouTube leads the crowd in terms of user satisfaction.

According to netpop research, Facebook is currently the world's largest social network, with 73% of respondents claiming to have used Facebook in the past seven to ten days. YouTube ranks second, with 49% of users using YouTube in the past seven to ten days.

As the world's largest social media, Facebook is ahead of the curve in terms of user count, access volume, user online time, and number of texts. Therefore, the results of the above survey can be said as early as expected.

However, in terms of user satisfaction, netpop found that the most satisfied social networking site is YouTube. Netpop uses social network services that are recommended to friends and family members as the basis for evaluating users' satisfaction with each social network. According to the survey, the two websites with the highest user recommendation rate are YouTube and Facebook, and their user recommendation rates are 50% and 36% respectively.

Netpop believes this may be because Facebook faces more challenges in some problems, especially user privacy protection. Some time ago, Facebook was widely accused of providing user data to third parties, but YouTube was never criticized for similar issues. In fact, YouTube does not require users to provide a large amount of personal data as Facebook does. Users can watch videos on the YouTube website even if they do not log on to their accounts.




According to comScore data, MySpace lost more than January this year users in just one month from February to 10 million!

MySpace had January 2011 million users in 73 million, but it fell to February by 63 million. Since February 2010, MySpace has lost nearly 0.11 billion of its 47 million users in a year. Although MySpace has created many stars such as Arctic Monkeys, Kate Nash, and Lily Allen, all the moves toward music are still irretrievable. Since the beginning of this year, MySpace has announced that it has cut off half of the job, and 500 employees have to seek another level.



LinkedIn Founder: Web 3.0 is about making full use of the data generated around real identities.

Linkedin founder Reid Hoffman's positioning for Web 3.0 is clear: if Web 1.0 is about performing static Web page operations through search, Web 2.0 is about building a social network around real identities, web 3.0 is about making full use of the data generated around real identities.

Hoffman provides examples of several companies that have used social data to make interesting and useful things: LinkedIn provides a new feature called Skills, here, users can find people, companies, and jobs related to various skills. Waze is a mobile app that uses data about your location and speed when you deliver traffic recommendations. Redfin is an online real estate agent invested by Greylock, which provides more information to home buyers regarding their expected residential and housing markets.

He reminded the company to focus on collecting social data, but not "ambush" their users. He said the company needs to identify which users are willing to share the data and which are more sensitive data. When you have a topic that is valuable to users, You need to seek data. For example, LinkedIn, as a company, may benefit from asking users about the gender, but this in turn cannot provide users with any useful information, so companies cannot ask this question.


Twitter officially announced growth data, and birds flew out of the rocket

In March 14, Twitter published this article on its official Weibo website. It used numbers to review Twitter's growth trajectory.

# Weibo

3Year 2Months and 1 monthDays: The time taken from the first microblog to the fifth billion microblog

1Week: The time required for 1 billion Weibo posts

500010 thousand: Average Weibo volume per day a year ago

1.4Billion: Average Weibo volume per day in the previous month

1.77Billion: Weibo in March 11

456: The number of microblogs sent Per Second (TPS: Tweets Per Second)

6,939: The number of microblogs per second, four seconds after the Japanese New Year

# Number of users

572,000. New users in March 12, 2011

460,000. Average daily new users in February 2011

182%. Mobile User growth rate last year

# Employees

8. January 2008

29. January 2009

130. March 20010

350. March 20011

400. Today


Twitter Jack Dorsey: "I think the biggest challenge is to build a seamless user experience and enable users to get information from multiple perspectives ."

The primary task of Twitter's return to office will be focused on the following aspects: Understanding the status of Twitter with more than 450 employees; what aspects need to be improved; the user experience of Twitter is closer to most users. In fact, 80% of Twitter users use this product to consume information rather than disseminate information. There is no doubt that Dorsey will participate in Twitter's advertising and marketing activities. You know, the company spends a little less on marketing. [For example, Dorsey admitted that Twitter spent only $10 thousand in marketing over the past four years, and all the money was invested at the SXSW Conference held in Austin, USA in 2007.

Talking about the future, Dorsey believes that the biggest technical challenge in the next five years is how to extract relevant information in real time.

"For Twitter, we need to develop a technology that extracts the most relevant and meaningful information for users, which is still a big challenge. Users must pay attention to all accounts, but sometimes they still miss information that has a major relationship with themselves. We can use technology to solve this problem, but it is still difficult ."



Twitter: 92% of Weibo posts are forwarded within one hour.

In the last two months of Twitter's 1.2 billion Weibo posts, 71% of Weibo posts did not reply, and 29% of Weibo posts were forwarded or replied.

In these 29% Weibo posts, 6% were forwarded and 23% were replied. The data is displayed as follows:

92% of Weibo posts are forwarded within one hour.

85% only one reply is sent to the Weibo post.



ComScore: In February 2011, the total number of video ads hits in the United States was 3.8 billion.

In February 2011, the total number of video ads hits in the United States was 3.8 billion, with Hulu video ads ranked first, exceeding 1.1 billion. The Tremor Media video network ranks second in advertising clicks, which is about 0.5483 billion. The third and fourth places are ADAP. TV (0.396 billion people) and SpotXchange video ad network (0.343 billion people ).



Douban's target users are urban petty investors, and most of its existing 45 million active users are also such users;

Douban has been keeping a low profile. Since its launch in 2005, Douban, a slow company, has been focusing on reading, movies, and music, and has gathered users in the form of Web 2.0. However, the development of a company always follows the times and trends. Douban users in the past can attract others' attention through book reviews, movie reviews, and common interests in music. The so-called "book friends, book friends", Douban attracts people with a common taste. Therefore, user loyalty is high.



Nielsen reported that the number of users watching mobile video in the United States increased by more than 40% year on year.

According to a new mobile video report from Nielsen, the number of users watching mobile video in the United States increased by more than 2010 in the third and fourth quarters of 40%, the average monthly viewing time of these mobile video users is 4 hours and 20 minutes.



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