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A few years ago, the spam information was still reported by Craigslist. Today, spam information senders have begun to govern the world's most famous classified information advertising platform. Craigslist tried every means to prevent spam information, including filtering duplicate posts and reviewing a large amount of information sent from the same IP address, users are required to register with a valid email address and use the CAPTCHA mechanism to block Automatic posting machines. Meanwhile, Craigslist users can report junk information, if a piece of information is marked as spam by a certain number of users, the information will be automatically deleted.

Currently, multiple commercial software products can bypass the anti-spam mechanism of Craigslist, such as Cl auto posting. This tool not only Automatically releases information to Craigslist, various policies are also built to bypass Craigslist's anti-spam mechanism.

Random text is inserted in each post to spoof the repeated information filtering mechanism of Craigslist. By frequently changing the proxy server to obtain a large number of new IP addresses, Craigslist can bypass the review of excessive information from the same IP address; some Gmail Automatic Registration programs can register a large number of free Gmail accounts in a short period of time for spam message senders; the OCR system can recognize the characters in CAPTCHA; the automatic monitoring program can monitor the published information at any time. Once deleted, the Automatic posting opportunity is immediately resend.

CL auto poster is only one of these automatic post machines. There are many similar programs, such as adbomber and AD master. If spam message senders want to directly use the automatic post service, they can choose itsyourpost.

Under the siege of these powerful tools, Craigslist's defense system is overwhelmed. In some classification directories of Craigslist, 90% of posts are junk information (such as the New York moving service-translator ), the personal areas bear the brunt, followed by the service area. Recently, the job-seeking areas have also suffered.

To this end, Craigslist has enabled the latest mechanism for phone verification. Currently, some directories require the poster to receive the password by phone or text message, and enter the password before posting, and one phone number corresponds to only one Craigslist account, so the spam information sender uses the IP phone number, craigslist has an IP phone number. Spammers use the numbers of Grand Central and tossable digits to carry services. Craigslist has blocked such numbers. Finally, spammers have established a special website, the Craigslist verification code is received by multiple users. Currently, there is no corresponding solution for Craigslist.


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