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Before installing Microsoft's latest database SQL Server 2012, the editor first identified the installation environment: WINDONWS 7 sp1,32 bit operating system, CPU is 2.1GHz Celeron dual core T3500, memory 2.93GB.

sql2012 Download http://www.jb51.net/softs/79861.html

Install the hardware and software environment parameters for SQL Server 2012

According to Microsoft's download prompts, 32-bit Windows 7 operating system, just download the bottom of the list of Chsx86sqlfull_x86_chs_core.box, Chsx86sqlfull_x86_chs_ Intall.exe and Chsx86sqlfull_x86_chs_lang.box three installation packages.

SQL Server 2012 Download list

Place the downloaded three installation packages in the same directory, and double-click to open the executable file Chsx86sqlfull_x86_chs_intall.exe. After the system is uncompressed, open another installation folder Sqlfull_x86_chs. Open the folder and double-click SETUP.EXE to begin installing SQL Server 2012.

Double-click SETUP.EXE to start installing SQL Server 2012

Note: The environment for the hardware and software installed in SQL Server 2012.

Software Environment: SQL Server 2012 support includes Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008 Service Pack 2, and Windows Vista Service Pack 2.

Hardware environment: SQL Server 2012 supports 32-bit operating systems, at least 1GHz or equivalent performance compatible processors, recommended for computers with 2GHz and above processors, and supports 64-bit operating systems, 1.4GHz or faster processors. Minimum support 1GB RAM, 2GB or greater RAM is recommended, at least 2.2GB available hard disk space.

Resolve SQL Server 2012 Installation Center

When the system opens SQL Server Installation Center, we can start to install SQL Server 2012 properly.

SQL Server Installation Center

In the "SQL Server Installation Center" interface provided by Microsoft, we can perform system installation, information viewing and system setup through "plan", "Install", "Maintenance", "Tools", "Resources", "Advanced", "options", etc.

First, in the plan, we can click on the relevant title to view the information about installing SQL Server 2012 online. such as hardware and software requirements, security documentation, and System Configuration Checker and security Upgrade Advisor.

Hardware and software requirements for installing SQL Server 2012

Security considerations for Installing SQL Server

SQL Server 2012 pre-installation system check

Before you install the system, be sure to check your system for the conditions that prevent SQL Server 2012 from successfully installing by using the System Configuration Checker to reduce the chance of an error during installation.

System starts checking configuration

Details of system Configuration Check Results

If a user needs to upgrade the installation, you can choose to upgrade from SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, or SQL Server 2008 R2 to SQL Server 2012. When the user makes this choice, the system will ask you to provide an old version of the upgrade media, and the system will be judged on the media, and then the system will carefully help you to do a "setup support rules" of the check, in advance search what you still lack of upgrade conditions.

Upgrade to SQL Server 2012 operation, not the focus of this article, interested users can upgrade their own hands.

Non-clustered environment install SQL Server 2012

Having been ready for so long, the following is a procedure to demonstrate a new installation of SQL Server 2012. Select the first "new SQL Server installed independently or add functionality to existing installation" on the right of the following illustration to install SQL Server 2012 in a "non-clustered environment" step-by-Step through the wizard.

New Standalone Install SQL Server 2012 in a non-clustered environment

At the same time, users pay attention to see, the system's default choice, whether to match their processor type, and the specified installation media root is correct.

Set the processor type and installation media root directory

Product Key

SQL Server 2012 License Terms

Pre-installation program support rule checking

A warning

The system puts forward a warning in the process of searching, and advises the Netizen to continue installing after the problem is solved. Of course, if the system allows, you can skip the continue installation.

Settings prior to installing SQL Server 2012

The following goes to the setup phase before installing SQL Server 2012.

Setting roles

Choose the evaluation feature you want to install, or click Select All in the box before you check the function.

Select the evaluation feature to install

Check to see if the system meets the installation rules again

Instance installation

With instance setup, the user can specify the name of the SQL Server instance and the ID of the instance, and the instance ID becomes part of the installation path strength.

Disk Space Requirements

Server Configuration

The two services of the Blue shadow tag in the figure above are new to this SQL Server 2012 service.

SQL Server 2012 Server Configuration

After the previous configuration is complete, select an authentication mode in the server configuration option, either Windows Authentication mode or Mixed mode (SQL Server authentication and Windows authentication), and the system defaults to the previous mode. Next, the system requires that a SQL Server system administrator be set up, and the system default administrator is SA.

Database Engine Configuration

Add SQL Server administrator name

Analysis Services Configuration

Reporting Services Configuration

Distributed Replay Controller

SQL Server 2012 completes the installation

Very difficult, after a long wait, the installation of SQL Server 2012 is about to complete.

Distributed heavy podcast (video sharing) client

Error Reporting

Install configuration Rules

Ready to install

Start installation

Ok! After nearly one hours of torture, Microsoft's newest database, SQL Server 2012, was finally installed successfully.

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