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In one case, there are two warnings when installing sqlServer2005:

1 COM + catalog requirements

2 Edition Change Check

Depressed! There are two warnings on the internet that are definitely not successful! I tried it with a fluke and succeeded.

After the installation is successful, prepare "tools only, Books Online, and sample (T)"

But not installed, he prompts me that the workstation component has been installed and cannot be updated or upgraded to an existing component.


1 Open Control Panel----Add Remove program---"Micorsoft SQL Server 2005"

2 Press "Change button" to appear "Micorsoft SQL Server 2005 Maintenance"

3 Select "Workstation Components" under "SQL Server 2005 Common components" and press "next"

4 "Change installation Components" and "Remove Micorsoft SQL Server" appear

5 I touched my luck. "Delete micorsoft SQL Server" selected

6 and then reinstalled the tools only, Books Online, and samples (T)

7 Install to finally appeared "MSDTC cannot read configuration information", I was scared to death, I pressed the "retry", the result is OK.

8 Installation Success!

Oh, there are two "warning" can not install the myth of success so I broke.

2nd: After installing sql2005, there is no SQL Server Management Studio. What should I do?

1: The original installed with SQL 2000 and VS2005

Very simple Next management Microsoft China Download SQL Server Management Studio Expree version on line

When you installed the SQL2000, you brought your SQL management plug-in using Computer Management. You install 05 of Microsoft, you should choose a SQL Server Management Studio in the setup build, you may download a compact version, normally download a CD size. Extract 1.4G. If the administrative interface is urgently needed, it can be managed temporarily using the SQL 2000 management interface connection.

2:sqlserver 2005 there is no SQL Server Management Studio Solution

In two cases, one is the version problem, one is the installation sequence problem, please look down:

One, you install the SQL Server Express Edition edition, which is what we call the rapid development version

SQL Server the Express version is free of charge, Microsoft let you use, but it is a lot less function, but for learning, personal development function is enough. Installing SQL Server Edition Express, you will find that you can find a service manager for SQL Server 2005, but you cannot find its database manager because the Express version of SQL itself does not have a graphical management tool. If you need this tool, you need to download it from Microsoft.

The graphical interface tool used by SQL Server 2005 is Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express, which is now officially available for Microsoft to download.

In addition, Microsoft SQL Server the Microsoft SQL Server Express Edition Toolkit is also available for download, and Microsoft's Serve the Edition tool pack includes Microsoft SQL R Management Studio Express is inside.

You can download it, install it, and then install Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express in the SQL Server 2005 program group and use it for management.

(Note: The above is Simplified Chinese version, you can also choose the version of other languages to download)

Third, the second situation is the installation sequence problem

You might tell me that I'm not a express version, maybe you're installing Microsoft SQL Server Development Edition (the development version), this version is full-featured, functionally identical to the corporate version, no difference, There is only a difference in authorization. Why do I guess you use the development version? Do not be surprised, because this version is spread on the internet a relatively wide version, most Chinese people have the Internet download or stall to buy pirated discs of this habit, what software is downloaded from the Internet, a son without flowers, stall buy also 5 yuan, So I guess that's right. Most people use development editions.

Well, don't pull away, say, water cold a bit wordy, say a thing is not finished, please forgive me.

If you installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2005/2008 First and then installed Microsoft SQL Server Development Edition, you will also be able to post-install SQL Server 2005 there is no SQL Server Management Studio, because when you install Visual Studio 2005/2008, he automatically installs you with an instance of SQL Server Express, so you install SQL Server 2005 Development when testing installation compatibility, he will ask you if you want to change the version, said that your previous version is the Express version, it is estimated that most people did not look, direct "next", so after installation in fact your version is the Express version, so Microsoft SQL The Server Management Studio Express is naturally not installed. You can view your "service items" after installation and there will be a SQL Server Express version of the service.

Solution: The solution is to uninstall all of the programs that start with Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (including some tool components) in the Control Panel, and then reload to get it done!

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