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From the perspective of users and developers, Windows Phone 7 brings us many new and exciting features. At the same time, the current Windows Phone 7 series does have shortcomings that disappoint many users. One typical pity is that Windows Phone 7 lacks local database API support-the current Windows Phone 7 operating system only provides limited data access support through XML, client independent storage, and cloud storage. So, is there any other choice for the local database function? Of course not. Today, various open-source communities are in full swing, and some developers and teams have been working hard to fill this gap.

Note that although multiple local databases for Windows Phone 7 are currently supported, these systems must run on the basis of the independent storage provided by Windows Phone 7. In this series of articles, I will introduce you to Sqlite Client for Windows Phone, one of the above members. This is a new, powerful, and easy-to-use Windows Phone 7 local database solution released on CodePlex, a well-known open-source website. I will only introduce some tips on using Sqlite Client for Windows Phone programming in Windows Phone 7.

[Remarks] the debugging environment for the case programs in this series of articles includes:

1. Introduction to Sqlite Client for Windows Phone

As we all know, SQLite is a well-known open-source embedded database system that provides good support for iOS and Android. Here, we should like to thank Dan Ciprian Ardelean for his SQLite-C #-SQLite version of WP7! In recent months, the author updated the earlier versions to obtain a more powerful and easy-to-use solution, renamed it Sqlite Client for Windows Phone, released on the well-known open-source website CodePlex at http://sqlitewindowsphone.codeplex.com/releases.


▲. Download the Sqlite Client for Windows Phone Interface

Sqlite Client for Windows Phone provides a wide range of updates, such as full support for Boolean, large data (Blobs), and transactions. In addition, the downloaded package also provides a comprehensive example for developers to learn.


▲. Sqlite Client for Windows Phone source code project and example project Architecture

The next operation is simple: re-build the source code project and get an assembly Community. CsharpSqlite. WP. dll (the Release version is 525 KB ). Then, add a reference to the Assembly in your WP7 Silverlight project. Finally, you can use the local database support function provided by Sqlite Client for Windows Phone.

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