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Code Editor has always been in the attempt to new, such as Brackets/vs Code/webstrom, and finally back to sublime, each time to reinstall the need to surf the internet to search for relevant configuration information, special records, for the next use:

(Sublime Text3) If you want to download 2, just change the last number 3 to 2: HTTP://WWW.SUBLIMETEXT.COM/3

    • Package Control Installation

Essentials Package Control installation, press the shortcut key CTRL + ' or through the View->show console to paste the following code into the return can be:

Sublime Text2:

Import Urllib2,os; Pf= ' Package control.sublime-package '; IPP = Sublime.installed_packages_path (); Os.makedirs (IPP) if not os.path.exists (IPP) else None; Urllib2.install_opener (Urllib2.build_opener (urllib2. Proxyhandler ())); Open (Os.path.join (IPP, PF), ' WB '). Write (Urllib2.urlopen ('' +pf.replace (', '%20 '). Read () ); Print (' Restart Sublime Text to finish installation ') Sublime Text3:import Urllib.request,os; PF = ' package control.sublime-package '; IPP = Sublime.installed_packages_path (); Urllib.request.install_opener (Urllib.request.build_opener (Urllib.request.ProxyHandler ())); Open (Os.path.join (IPP, PF), ' WB '). Write (Urllib.request.urlopen ('' + pf.replace (', '%20 ')) . Read ())
    • Plug-in Installation method
Plug-in Installation method: Preferences->package Control->install Package and then search for the plugin you want to install, remove the plugin directly to select the Remove.
    • Commonly used plugins recommended


Emmet is a front-end development tool, its predecessor is the Zen Coding. It makes it easier to write HTML code. Emmet Basic usage is: Enter shorthand form, then press Tab Key, support div#idz>ul.classz>li*2>a{participate in activity} and press tap key to quickly generate the following structure, is also my necessary plug-in.

Sublime? Code? Intel:

Sublime? Code? Intel is a code hint, complete plug-in that supports JavaScript, Mason, XBL, XUL, RHTML, SCSS, Python, HTML, Ruby, Python3, XML, Sass, XSLT, Django, HTML5, Languages such as Perl, CSS, Twig, less, Smarty, node. js, Tcl, Templatetoolkit, and PHP are a good extension of the Sublime Text code hinting feature. It also has a function that jumps to the variable, function definition place, is very convenient.

Bracket? Highlighter:

Bracket? Highlighter is a bracket, quotation mark, label highlighting plug-in, support [], (), {}, "", "" and <tag></tag>, and so on, than the Sublime Text comes with a much more obvious highlighting.


This plugin allows you to see the differences between the two different files in Sublimetext. The objects you can compare can be data copied from the Clipboard, or files in the project, files that are currently open, and so on. In the development often need to use the file comparison to know where the current changes, whether you can submit directly on-line, with the name of the impact of online functions, so file comparison function is necessary.


Autofilename is a feature that automatically displays the path file when filling in the path, speeding up the introduction of the file link.

Syntax support Plug-in: You can directly search jquery,sass,less and other work you need to use, you will be able to support the corresponding code highlighting and grammar hints.

Shortcut keys (excerpt from the network, remember a few of their own commonly used on the line, the highlight color for commonly used my shortcut keys):

Ctrl+shift+p: Open Command Panel
Ctrl+p: Searching for files in a project
Ctrl+g: Jump to the first few lines
ctrl+w: Close the currently open file
CTRL+SHIFT+W: Close all open files
ctrl+d: Select words, repeat to add the next same word
ctrl+x: Delete the current row
Ctrl+m: Jumps to the corresponding brackets, and the cursor moves to the end or start position within the parentheses.
Ctrl+u: Soft undo, undo cursor Position
Ctrl+j: Merge the selected lines of code into one line. Give me a chestnut: Combine CSS properties of multiline format into one line
ctrl+f: Find content
Ctrl+shift+f: Find and replace
ctrl+h: Replace
Ctrl+r: Quickly find the class name and ID name in the current text block, function
CTRL + N: New window
CTRL+K+B: Switch Side bar
Ctrl+shift+m: Check the contents of the current parenthesis, repeating the parentheses themselves
CTRL+F2: Set/Remove Tags
ctrl+/: Comment Current line, single line comment
ctrl+shift+/: Multiline comment also called block comment
Ctrl+shift+a: Before and after selecting the current label, modify the label with
F11: Fullscreen
SHIFT+F11: fullscreen-free mode, editing only the current file
alt+f3: Select text Press the shortcut key, you can select all the same text at once to edit simultaneously. Give a chestnut: quickly select and change all the same variable names, function names, and so on.
ALT +.: Closed Label
alt+shift+ Number: Split screen display
ALT + Number: Toggle to open nth file
shift+ Right-drag: Many cursors are not used to change or insert column contents
Press CTRL, tap or select, to edit multiple locations
Press ctrl+shift+ up/down key to replace row

Ctrl+enter inserts a new row in the next line. For a chestnut: even if the cursor is not at the end of the line, you can quickly insert a line down.

Ctrl+shift+enter inserts a new row in the previous line. For a chestnut: even if the cursor is not at the beginning of the line, it can be inserted quickly.

ctrl+shift+[Select the code, press the shortcut key, and collapse the code.

ctrl+shift+] Select the code, press the shortcut key, and expand the code.

Ctrl+l Select the entire row, continue to select the next row, the effect is the same as the shift+↓ effect.

Ctrl+shift+l Select multiple rows First, and then press the shortcut key to insert the cursor at the end of each line to edit the rows at the same time.

Ctrl+shift+m Select the contents in parentheses (continue to select the parent bracket). Give me a chestnut: Quickly select the code in the delete function, rewrite the function body code, or rewrite the contents of the parentheses inside.

CTRL+M cursor moves to the end or start position within the parentheses.

Ctrl+k+0 expands all collapsed code.

ctrl+← move the cursor to the left and move the cursor quickly.

ctrl+→ move the cursor to the right and move the cursor quickly.

Shift+↑ select multiple rows upwards.

Shift+↓ Select multiple rows.

shift+← Select the text to the left.

shift+→ Select the text to the right.

ctrl+shift+← Select the text to the left of the unit.

ctrl+shift+→ Select the text to the right of the unit.

Ctrl+shift+↑ swaps the cursor line and the previous line of code (before inserting the row of the cursor into the previous row).

Ctrl+shift+↓ swaps the lines of the cursor and the next line of code (inserts the row of the cursor after the next line).

Ctrl+shift+d the entire line where the cursor is copied, and inserts it into the next row.

Tab right indent.

Shift+tab indents to the left.

Ctrl+k+k removes code from the cursor at the end of the line.

Ctrl+shift+k Delete the entire row.

Ctrl+k+u convert uppercase.

Ctrl+k+l convert lowercase.

CTRL + Z undo.

Ctrl+y restore Undo.

Ctrl+t around the letter interchange.

F6 Word detection spelling

Sublime Text configuration Record

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