SVN build &eclipse Install SVN plugin &eclipse how to use SVN

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First, SVN overview

SVN is used to co-develop the same project for many people, sharing resources for the purpose, the article describes the SVN built on the local, and built on the Eclipse4.5.2.

Second, SVN classification

Divided into the client and the service side, the server only one, everyone checkin,checkout, the client installed in the local programmer.

Third, SVN installation

Client:, download it down as shown below and install it directly.


Server: Https://, download it down as shown below and install it directly.


Iv. Creating an SVN library

Create an example: E:\svn\tms folder, right-click on TMS


V. Configuring Permissions in SVN

Open the Created TMS folder and open the Conf file, which contains the configuration information for the SVN Admin user. These four files specific configuration information, many online, check information.


    • Install SVN plugin on eclipse
First, add SVN plugin on Eclipse4.5.2, many methods, here is my test success case, click Help, then enter the supermarket


Second, just start to go in may be very slow, directly stop, input svn, search, select 4.0.5 after installation, follow the prompts, then install, until completed.


Third, the above installation is complete, then proceed to the following operations: Window---Preferences


Four, the plug-in is finished, look at the installation is not good. Press to see



    • The question comes again, how to use it?
First, the establishment of a resource pool




After the creation, as shown:


Second, from the Java EE Checkin Project into the SVN repository


Choose SVN, here should be 1 svn, I have a problem here


Specify the URL address to checkin


Project's coming in.


End, go a lot of detours!

SVN build &eclipse Install SVN plugin &eclipse how to use SVN

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