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Talking about the difference between PHP and. NET, talking about difference

I recently moved from ASP to PHP, the main focus is web development, I feel there are a lot of differences between the two.

1. net,php is more inclined to the explanatory language type than.

2. In. NET, we operate mainly encapsulated object-class library, in PHP, we mainly manipulate the main object is a variety of functions;

The 3.php programming tool is relative to the. NET programming environment and database, it is very very lightweight, especially the programming environment, both lightweight and flexible;

4. In. NET and PHP, data is passed in the form of Get and post (the third is temporarily not discussed); in. NET, we get the data using the context.request["operand id"], context. Querystring["The ID of the operand"]; in PHP, we get the data using the $_get["Operation Object ID"], $_post["Operation Object ID"];

5. In. NET, the way the data is displayed is Response.Write ("What You want to show"); in PHP, we use the echo "What you want to show";

6. In. NET we operate mainly on objects and arrays, which can be transformed between each other; in. NET, the objects we manipulate are primarily arrays.

What is the difference between Web PHP and net?

It's a little vague, I'll explain it in multiple points.
1. The operating environment. NET is Microsoft's products theoretically only run across platforms under Windows poorly
PHP can run on Windows and Linux across platforms very well
2. Learning cost PHP weak type language (loose type), simple, easy to get started
. NET I was the first to do. NET learning costs more time longer
3. Operating efficiency This benevolent see is mainly about the level of developers.

However, many websites now use a combination of PHP MYSQL Apache to develop because of the low cost

What are the advantages and differences between PHP and net?

learning: Compared to the learning curve of PHP and. NET, the. NET learning cost is higher and requires more knowledge, but PHP is popular with a few people, and the community is far more than ASP. So there are difficult questions to ask
First PHP can be run across platforms, but ASP. NET is not only running on windows, long ago, the cross-platform version of Mono has been able to run stably on other operating systems such as Linux, and both are open source and free.

Market Segment: In terms of market share (WEB), now the number one is the traditional ASP, the second is PHP, but there are many ASP. NET and Java are evenly divided market in the enterprise development market

Application: To the Alexa Top ten web site to see Microsoft's official website, Windows Live, Bing, MSN and MySpace are all ASP, of course, such as Facebook, WP and other sites are PHP, but more cases, PHP Web site is not only rely on PHP, because PHP although expess, but not multi-threading, object-oriented design is not comprehensive, so rely on other frameworks to supplement development, but it is so PHP has a larger open source community than. NET

I studied ASP. NET because the version is upgraded quickly and very exercise technology, before the knowledge can be used to learn, and I myself feel that the framework, C # This language is what I want, very perfect, of course, this is in the other framework, language has a lot of understanding before the decision.
ASP. NET community is actually much more open than imagined, Microsoft's official documentation allows general developers to make comments or modifications, as well as to debug the framework's own source code at any time during debugging. true techarticle talking about the difference between PHP and. NET, talking about difference I recently shifted from ASP to PHP, the main direction is web development, there are still a lot of differences between the two. 1. Relative to. net,php More ...

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