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Mozilla ThunderbirdIs a mail client similar to outlook. In fact, it is better in many aspects, because it is not only free but also multi-platform and multi-language support. Most importantly, it has many extensions and themes that can be used by users for highly personalized configuration.

I found a bunch of plug-ins for Thunderbird (v3.0.4) yesterday, which are listed below (components, plug-ins, and extensions are not described below ).

Installed extensions

  1. Nightly tester tools
    -This is the extension you should first install. Because many useful plug-ins cannot keep up with the pace of main software updates, they will be judged as incompatible. You need to use force install;
  2. Mrtech disable xpi install Delay
    The delay of 4 seconds during extension installation is disabled. We recommend that you install the second extension so that you do not have to wait that 4 seconds before installing other extensions.
  3. Smilie inserter
    -You can easily insert an emoticon icon in the email. Note: You need to download the emoticon icon separately.
  4. Quotecollapse
    -Automatically contract all quoted content in the email (for example, the original content in the reply email) to make the email look neat. Click '+' to expand the quote.
  5. Quote colors
    -Changed the text and background color of the email citation. Both extensions seem to only change the local display. What friends receive is still unformatted and not as neat as you see.
  6. Importexporttools(Mboximport enhanced)
    -Tools for batch Import and Export of emails;
  7. Mail redirect
    -Forward the email in Thunderbird to another recipient without modifying the sender information. If you receive a beautiful greeting card, you can use this function to make your friends receive the same greeting card, as if the sender sent the same greeting card to both of you at the same time.
  8. Remove duplicate messages
    -Helps you quickly locate and delete duplicate emails in the specified folder (and its sub-folder.
  9. Tag Toolbar
    -Added the toolbar for switching label categories to facilitate adding tags to emails.
  10. Minimize to tray plus
    -Minimize Thunderbird to System Tray
  11. Address close button
    -Added the "delete recipient address" button on the email writing interface;
  12. Signature Switch
    -You can create multiple email signatures (private, business, and so on) and quickly switch between them through the toolbar. You can also automatically switch the Signature Based on the recipient.
  13. Timestamp
    -Insert the current date and time in the email
  14. Tbnotes
    -Add a sticker for the email for memo, and you can manage it in a unified manner;
  15. Xpunge
    -Add two buttons in the toolbar of the Main Window: 'xpunge' and 'multixpunge'. The function is similar to "compressing all folders" ('file-> "compressed folder. The difference is that 'xpunge' only compresses all the folders of an account, while "multixpunge" can be set to compress a single folder of an account.

Invalid Extension

The following lists some extensions that force installation still cannot be used, so they have to wait for updates. Their functions are quite necessary.

  1. Contacts sidebar
    -This is a very useful extension that displays all contacts in the address book in the sidebar of Thunderbird. You can easily browse and edit all contacts in the main window. If you want to send an email with attachments to a contact, you only need to drag and drop the file to the contact ......
  2. Send later
    -Insert 'send later at' in the mail edit box (shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + enter ). This extension stores edited emails in the "draft" folder and moves them to "unsent messages" at the specified time. It can be used to send birthday emails or event reminders to friends.
  3. View headers toggle button
    -Add a button on the toolbar to view the mail header.

Recommended Extension

I will list a few well-known extensions, but they are useless for the moment, so I did not try them.

  1. Thunderbrowse
    -Browsing the Web page inside Thunderbird is a good helper in the office.
  2. Gcontactsync
    -The most powerful and considerate Google Contacts synchronization tool completely solves the requirement of synchronizing contacts between local clients and Google Contacts, which is much better than zindus;
  3. Gmail conversation View
    -Implement functions similar to the Gmail session mode, which is better than the session/clue mode of most mail clients;
  4. Lightning
    -Embedded schedule management plug-in for thunderbird. Pay attention to the lightning multiweek, which provides a view of multiple weeks.

Find, install, and use the Thunderbird Extension Method

  1. The simplest way is to select "additional components" in the tool menu of Thunderbird, search for and install the components on the "get additional components" tab in the pop-up dialog box. The problem with this method is that it only finds extensions compatible with existing versions. In fact, many extensions are not compatible, but they can be used.
  2. The most reliable method is to find it here. After finding and downloading, in the "additional components" dialog box, click "Install" to install the downloaded xpi file.
  3. Note: After installation, you may need to click "restart Thunderbird. If the system does not restart automatically after you click it, it will not be installed. I have encountered this situation several times and it will be okay after I restart the system. In addition, some incompatible components may be disabled after Thunderbird is updated. In the "additional components" dialog box, click "override all compatibility" and then force install again.
  4. The functions of newly installed extensions are generally displayed on the shortcut menu, toolbar, or tool menu.




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  3. Official website of Thunderbird additional components

PS1 thanks Xiao Yu and lei for recommending Thunderbird

The background on the PS2 download component website is very nice (Click here to see). I wanted to use the background for this blog post and didn't find the setting.

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