Ultraedit usage skills-more common usage skills, and ultraedit usage skills

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Ultraedit usage skills-more common usage skills, and ultraedit usage skills
Ultraedit tips-more common Tips 1. How does ultraedit replace a character with a line break?

The method is simple:

Replace abc with abc ^ r ^ n.

How to Use ultraedit

... Compile the compiler that requires the language... ue is just a text Tool
However, ue should have a plug-in. After setting the c compiler address, you can call and compile in ue.
You can go to the ue official forum to see

The method of using UltraEdit-32 has the correct answer, give high score

Usage of UltraEdit

Use an ordinary example file editor (.txt. bat. conf. ini)
Use the. doc file editor (however, it is not a msword document, but also a text file. I don't know why it is called doc)
Use the source code editor for c, c ++, java, jsp, html, xml, etc.
(The above files can be local files, or remote files can be operated through FTP)

Sort text files by row. The sorting method can be defined.

Modify the bytes of a hexadecimal file to specify the direct content.

Perform overall operations on All or selected content of the file, such as conversion format and content.
Statistics on the number of characters and words in a file

Operate on a project composed of a text file or source code file

Through the list above, you can basically know what UltraEdit is for: a small, comprehensive, flexible and easy-to-use text editor, especially suitable for source code writing.

Of course there is nothing to say about editing text files. This article is a plain text file written using UltraEdit. You can use it twice. However, even as a text editor, it is much better than Windows NotePad, but it is worse than Unix vi. Compared with vi, I am afraid the biggest advantage is the graphic operation environment, and there is no need to remember numerous complicated commands.

Syntax coloring:
As the source code editor, it is different, and there is a fight with vi. The most commendable is that it can be used to color the various source code, so that you can clearly distinguish the various components in the code. I remember that in ChinaJavaWorld, a buddy once said: it is best for beginners of JAVA not to use a powerful IDE, as long as they can use a text editor capable of syntax coloring. If so, I'm afraid UltraEdit is really the best (I don't know if this guy is right ). UltraEdit32, by default, can be used to color the syntax of JAVA, PERL, HTML, XML, C #, C/C ++, and visual basic, this is really good for the brothers who like to write code directly (Some people do not like to develop with "WYSIWYG" stuff like FRONTPAGE or DREAMWAVER ). Even more fun, if you don't like the way it is colored, you can modify it and add languages that you don't know. For example, if you have invented a new language, you can tell UltraEdit how to color it. (Refer to the menu Advanced -- configuration -- Syntax Highlighting)

If you use UltraEdit to write a java program, it can identify JAVA keywords, color the partial classification name in the JAVA core class, and distinguish between variables and strings. This is really good. Don't try to make it complete the code for you. Can you really use it as an IDE like JBUILDER in a small editor?

If you use it to develop HTML, JSP, ASP, and so on, it is also refreshing. It not only distinguishes scriptlet from HTML code, but also provides almost all HTML tags and special characters. When you forget it, it's easy to find out. It can color HTML to different colors of TAG, PROPERTY, and VALUE. Is it great?

Configuration tool:
To be honest, UltraEdit is really not an IDE, but you can make it brilliant and integrate a common IDE function, such as compiling and running.
For example, you can configure the javac java commands and compile and run the JAVA class you are editing here without the DOS state ...... remaining full text>

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