Universal Extractor All kinds of rogue installation program Buster

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Universal Extractor various Rogue installation programs Buster

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Gentlemen, now downloading the installed software from the network is not very annoying ah! It's not easy to go down all the way Next and install all kinds of rogue software or create a bunch of software icons on your computer desktop, like me with a "slight cleanliness" of people, really unbearable and crazy. So, software, or green cool! However, the site is now available to download more and more unkind (self-test: Do people charge you any fees? No. Therefore, I hypocrisy, ignorance, cruelty, numbness, servile, despicable, poor, self-deception is more and more serious, a few K of the tool must first MSI and RAR last ZIP and so on, how to peel the installation files The resource in Setup.exe is a problem that has not been solved for a long time. Although there are N multiple command-line tools that can be used to Unpack, how many people would like to enter a large number of commands each time they install the software? Here to everyone grand recommended a small and easy to integrate GUI program, can be used to Unpack,N more EXE installation package Universal Extractor.

Official website:http://www.legroom.net/software/uniextract

Installation version:http://www.legroom.net/scripts/download.php?file=uniextract161

Foreigners are kind, if you want to further study how it is achieved. The author also provides the source code for the download:http://www.legroom.net/scripts/download.php?file=uniextract161_source Here I have to say that it was actually used AutoIt did. I was shocked! The author is so tough! A year ago, the occasional reason was also for the fun of writing a " batch program to clear the specified file " blog post, in addition to the text mentioned in the "Windows command line detailed manual" When it was idle and looked at another "very network - Windows scripting App details "That's the first time I've known AutoIt . This is an automated tool. At that time, to it deeply disagree, think I was born "noble, military study authentic", this "pang men Zoda" disdain a view. Now it's "fearless, ignorant !" Hollow, take time to study and practise.


First, in order to let everyone feel its strong, the following shows an example of stripping the installation file through this software:

1 , I downloaded the green version of the Universal Extractor (Note: I have "slight cleanliness"), the current version is 1.6.1, will download after the software decompression look ,1-1.

(Figure 1-1)

Here say BIN This directory, it is Universal Extractor analysis with stripping install package program of Arsenal, double-click the mouse to enter this directory, if before you have had Unpack experience, is not found a lot of familiar faces? Yes,Universal Extractor to liberate us from the heavy labor of Unpack that we used to manually enter a variety of command lines or tools, which is the power of technology automation and the power of AutoIt.

2, double-click UniExtract.exe Run program,1-2.

(Figure 1-2)

3 , ready to peel the installation package,1-3.

(Figure 1-3)

I downloaded this software, extracted will generate two files, one is the extension EXE of the installation package main program (note: It is the mastermind of doing bad things), another has a strange name "#YouXun #" Huge data file (note: The analysis for it later). In general, users double-click to run the installation package main program, the program in the process of installing software, will secretly install a lot of rogue software and some bundled software in your system.

4 , Universal Extractor Peel the installation package,1-4.

( figure 1-4)

The method is simple, run Universal Extractor will be stripped of the installation package program, drag the mouse to the Archive/installer to Extract input box destinationdirectory Output box, will give the recommendation will be stripped file storage directory, generally use the default, click OK button. The program starts analyzing and stripping the files in the installation package, and in this process, a variety of style windows are converted back and forth, without having to control it until the wait is complete.

5 , the installation program after stripping appearance,1-5.

(Figure 1-5)

The files in the installation package program have been successfully stripped out. General software, providing the download site will be the normal software and bundled software in an installation package, when this step, basically even if successful, you just need to keep the software or installation programs you want to use, and other unrelated software to delete.

Here, the software I need is not working properly. Because, the files stripped from the installation package is not complete, these are only part of the program core files, to get the complete program files, but also need to have a huge strange name "#YouXun #" file to "extract" Out (note: Only so did not all hit a bag, which is tending to the efficiency of the consideration).

Smart You may have noticed that I'm using "extract" instead of "peel off" as I've always said before. Here to download the site for everyone to play a fake, in fact, the "#YouXun #" file is only a compression package generated by the compression tool only, because the file extension has been removed to hide the information itself. To be able to crack is also very easy, the current veteran of the WinRAR is more popular and support the decompression of a variety of formats of the compression package tool, only need to rename "#YouXun #" to "#YouXun #.rar" can be WinRAR View the contents, format, or direct decompression of the compressed package.

6 , will #YouXun # After renaming the look, figure 1-6.

(Figure 1-6)

7 , using WinRAR to view the contents of the compressed package, figure 1-7.

(Figure 1-7)

8 , view the compressed package format through WinRAR , figure 1-8.

(Figure 1-8)

Visible, this compressed package is generated by 7-zip . by 7-zip or directly using WinRAR decompression, and then move the extracted files to the main program file directory (note: You can also directly use the method of stripping the installation of the main program to extract files).


through the above Universal Extractor Stripping the installation program demonstration, the whole process is simple and powerful, we are not very grateful and admire the author's wisdom, brought us so good and practical software. Anyway, I admire the author "pleasantly surprised", especially, when the discovery of such a powerful software, unexpectedly through the AutoIt to do, more excited to learn it's power and some other temporarily also said not clear about the views of the things change.

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Universal Extractor All kinds of rogue installation program Buster

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