Use gitblit to deploy your git server on Windows

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In DuduArticleWe have seen the GIT server deployed on the Windows platform on IIS 7.5 using bonobogit. I learned how to deploy and use it for a while and found that there are always such problems. Bonobogit has a high requirement on Windows platforms, so I searched for it online and found that many software support deploying git server on Windows platforms.


Gitblit is a software that uses Java to manage git. It has many feature branches. For details about gitblit can go to the official website to view:

In other words, the following are the installation steps for gitblit. (First condition: Java Virtual Machine !)

1. Download gitblit here I am using the gitblit go branch. The advantage of this branch version is that everything is integrated into one, and no other things need to be installed.

: Http://

2. Configure the gitbtings. properties file.

There are not many items to configure for gitbatis. Generally, we only need to configure the following items:

Git. repositoriesfolder: the folder that stores the GIT library.

Server. httpport and server. httpsport are the HTTP and HTTPS ports respectively.

The Network Interfaces monitored by the server. httpbindinterface and server. httpsbindinterface host are the URLs accessed by the server.


After the execution is complete, run gitbloud. CMD to process the file. The following page is displayed:

Then, enter the address of the httpbindinterface (localhost) and the port httpport modified in the browser:

On the interface, enter the username and password admin by default (this is in the users. conf file ).

After entering the system, you can create git repository and members.


Start Windows Service

Gitblit you can use Apache commons daemon to configure and install it as a Windows service.

Open installservice. CMD as "edit"

Modify arch = x86 (set it to x86 here, please set it based on the server platform)

Add CDProgramDirectory,

Set Cd = youpath \ gitblit-0.9.3

Modify the startup parameters in startparams. Here we will delete all its configurations and use the configurations in gitbloud. properties.

Open cmd as an administrator and run the batch file.
If no exception is reported, go to the "service" component to find the "gitblit" service and start it.
Open the browser and enter the address to view the website.

Note: Run SC Delete "service name" in cmd to delete the service;Check the log information in the logs directory.


Other git servers on Windows

Http:// is charged




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