Visual Studio Online creates a project

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VSO is a cloud-based development platform provided by Microsoft for software developers. Team Foundation Server is already ready for use in the cloud, eliminating the need for additional time for configuration and Deployment (PS: 4 hours since the tinker was deployed on the server). The maintenance and updating of various services are supported by Microsoft behind the scenes.

VS Online now has 3 types of packages:

Visual Studio Online Basic (free)

Start your next development project in the cloud and be able to develop it for free with 5 of Yankees! Visual Studio Online Basic includes the Visual Studio online account and the Visual Studio Express for Web, Visual Studio Express for Window that you selected s or Visual Studio Express for Windows Desktop. The Visual Studio Online account provides a place to store code, backlogs, and other project data without deploying, configuring, or administering the server. Start developing for the latest Microsoft platform in a rich desktop environment with the free Visual Studio Express IDE.
    • Unlimited team projects and private code repositories
    • Integrates with mainstream Ides, including Visual Studio, Eclipse, and Xcode
    • Includes your choice of Visual Studio Express for Web, Visual Studio Express for Windows, or Visual Studio Express for Windows Desktop
    • Build backlogs, track bugs, and tasks
    • Run CI generation in Microsoft cloud infrastructure to simplify team-generated management
Visual Studio Online Professional (45 knives) convenient professional ide! Combine all the benefits of Visual Studio Online Basic and Visual Studio Professional. Get the tools and services you need to increase productivity and build five-star apps across Microsoft platforms, including desktops, Windows Store, Windows Phone, Office, Web, and cloud.
    • All features are included in Visual Studio Online Basic
    • Up to 10 Professional users per account
    • Includes monthly Visual Studio Professional IDE subscriptions.
Visual Studio Online Advanced (60 knives) uses collaboration and planning tools to handle the largest projects! Use Visual Studio Online advanced to manage larger projects and better connect your teams. Use agile portfolio management to break down large projects into smaller jobs so that they can be assigned to multiple teams and multiple backlogs are completed. Team chat rooms provide real-time project event updates that enable the development team to stay in touch. Integrated feedback requests enable stakeholders to participate in the development process, while custom charts communicate project status to the team or the Organization as a whole.
    • Include all features in Visual Studio Online Basic
    • Get real-time visibility into project-related trends through team chat rooms
    • Integrates with major Ides, including Visual Studio, Eclipse, and Xcode
    • Break down and plan complex projects with agile portfolio management capabilities.
    • Make it easier to get and track feedback with integrated stakeholder feedback requests
    • Includes your choice of Visual Studio Express for Web, Visual Studio Express for Windows, or Visual Studio Express for Windows Desktop

In addition, VS online provides one months and 60 minutes of online compilation time (enough to eat it?).   )。 Okay, nonsense, don't say much, teach us how to use:

1. Click New to create a project after landing VSOs

2. In the pop-up window, fill in the project information. Process template Select VS, version control versioning can choose the hard TFS version control, you can also choose Git. 3. Add your good friends in the members of the member click on the back of the Manage, you can pop up a good base friend Management page, click Add, and then enter his mailbox, agreed after the collaboration can be completed. 4. Add Workspace click Open in Visual Studio on the right to launch VS2013. Switch to Team Explorer view to add a workspace that is called a workspace, which is the corresponding local folder to the Cloud folder. 5. Upload/download code point "source code Manager" to open the version management view, these operations are more consistent with svn,git, such as "Check out for editing" is to add files to version control, "Check in Pending Changes" is the upload code/sync changes to the cloud, "get the latest version" is the download. 6. The most powerful feature of the cloud-compiled Vsol is this, you can click "Generate" then "new Build Definition", "trigger" can let you specify when to compile, every day? Weekly? Or do you upload code every time? All can be satisfied, the "Process" tab can set you how to compile the program.  You can tell the cloud how to compile your program by modifying the XAML-formatted build process template. To build the configuration and project, you can specify your compilation configuration and the SLn solution file to be compiled, which is very simple and is selected directly from the list. After you save the build definition, double-click it. Click "Make New Build queue" Select the definition you just created, click "Queue", Microsoft's server will start to help you compile the project!     Because the free compilation time quota is not much, here I do not demonstrate. That's it! Microsoft's new pit money technique!

Visual Studio Online creates a project

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