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I finally had a deep feeling about why Jakob, Norman and others wanted to make their websites look like them. It turns out that the problem is still too complicated, although I have been trying to make it simple.

Beauty and quality

I remember a forum posted a list of top websites selected by a foreign institution. Soon everyone complained or complained about the list and expressed their disdain for the work, this kind of person often puts a high weight on the visual score. He may forget to view what the website is for and do not want to think about the website's purpose.

One idea is that the pages written by CSS are not very beautiful. I suggest you check them out.CSS world Awards Winners 2006Although seemingly mediocre, some of them are not ugly, but there are no lack of classic visual works such as haveamint. Dave: I don't think the work designed with CSS is ugly. People who use CSS well have not yet understood its advantages.

Vision is just an insignificant standard. For example, many people agree with the exquisite k10k graphics, but only a few can understand the clever stopdesign code. If you still think that the page is only beautiful and not beautiful, it means that you are still unfamiliar with "Webpage Design" and do not understand what she implies.

For the quality of a website, you can only add points, but cannot score points.

Pretty or comfortable

A website is a platform. A webpage is just an interface that serves users as a media. If it becomes a pure work of art, it will lose its meaning. Therefore, I agree that the highest praise on the interface is comfort, not beauty. Note that every visual experience on your interface naturally separates comfort and beauty. It must be two different experiences.

Beauty is the subjective judgment of the user on the work. I think this work is very beautiful.
Comfort is the objective influence of the work on users. This work makes me feel comfortable.

I am more familiar with cssplay in the Zen garden. The webmaster is a 60-year-old engineer. I am not interested in the ranking of his website in the world, but the average pageviews is as high as 9.0, this is a high level that many high-ranking commercial websites cannot reach. I have tracked the previous four revisions. The previous visual version is simpler and more comfortable than the previous version, and the content is richer. The overall version is better and more durable. I can see that the idea of webmasters is also changing, demand Analysis and positioning are becoming increasingly accurate.

For visual experience, comfort is a higher level of art than beauty.

Today, I was particularly impressed by the article "the Web page does not need to be beautiful.

Two summative comments are quite classic:
"For the quality of a website, you can only add points, but cannot score points."
"For visual experience, I think comfort is a higher level of art than beauty."

As an important interaction platform of the times, websites are becoming more and more important. Whether it is its layout or its kernel, they all begin to develop towards a high-quality path. Designers have gone through the path of exploring beautiful content from the initial development of unstandardized, chaotic code and fancy appearance to the new era of concise code and harmonious appearance that conforms to web standards. The appearance of CSS makes beautification no longer rely solely on images, simple color blocks and lines, coupled with exquisite small icons, it can also achieve beautiful results. Let's look at the kernel. CSS + Div replaces the traditional nested table. Every ID is like a small flag that shows its unique region. Such a page with a comfortable atmosphere from inside to outside is what we are pursuing!

The appearance of user experience gives designers a more comprehensive consideration. The beauty of the layout alone cannot meet the customer's requirements. They pay more attention to ease of use and applicability. If there is a creative design that does not really give full play to the purpose of building a site, it is useless in addition to meeting a short visual enjoyment. But beauty is not in conflict with comfort, but comfort is more common! It is an art form that is easily understood by the masses. It is simple, simple, and random. To achieve this level, we need to constantly explore and practice.

We are lucky. There are pathfinder guides in front of us, while those in the rear are traveling with us. What we need is perseverance in our determination and courage!

As an art designer, you must always send such a letter: Please confirm the design draft. Then, we will attach one or more different design schemes.

This is an interesting and contradictory phenomenon. In terms of fine arts, we are often regarded as authoritative because of our professional training. We all hope that we can solve the problem of "whether it looks good. "Whether it looks good" is a subjective thing. Everyone has their own say.

We all know that "subjective" is derived from human consciousness and depends on Personal Aesthetic preferences. It is influenced to varying degrees by factors such as life experiences, values, emotions, and the environment, it is a very uncertain and changeable thing. The style is like a puppet pulled by n lines in different directions. If the line is tight, it will tilt a little to the other side.

So we will encounter this situation. A design draft, the designer sends it to the superior leader, the leader sends it to the customer, and the customer sends it to the superior. subjective opinions are added to every link. Some people like red, some people think red, some people like green, some people think green.

Finally, all the subjective opinions are accumulated on the designer's side, and everyone looks at him with hope-you are an expert, and that's all about our opinions.

In the whole process, no one will consider whether the visitor is satisfied.

As a company's website, it is understandable to have such subjective characteristics. After all, visitors can get a general idea of the company's leader's "style" through visual first impressions ".

For websites/systems where the main users are Internet users, it is impossible to fully match the aesthetic tendency of everyone because of the large number of real users. Is style still so important? If the leader's personal preferences are too entangled in style issues, the design concept is limited to colors and styles, where can we start from "Designing for users", "Designing for Experience", and "Designing for solving problems?

Author: Stingray

What a beautiful web page do we need? --- Start with Google's Design Style

Recently, a series of Google actions are dazzling. Gmail, Gtalk... all over the Google interface, gs' style is so strong, so powerful and concise, and even slightly rough.

Have you ever wondered why Google's design style looks like this? --- There is almost no design. It only uses different sizes of text layout and adds a black line when necessary.

If you are a web designer, have you ever complained about why they can use this design, but your company boss or customers cannot accept it at all, so that you don't dare to do this, because you may lose your job right away, but it will leave a bad impression on your boss-this guy won't design it at all. Doing so is tantamount to committing suicide.

Yes, I am still thinking about it until I think of the two native weapons of the Soviet Union: AK47 and ppsh41 ).

Believe me, I am not in the confidence of the river or the crowd. Let's first recall these two weapons:

The full length is 870mm, the caliber is 7.62mm, the effective range is 300 m, and the maximum lethal range is 1500 m.
The barrel of the AK-47 is connected together with the casing screw, and the barrel is chrome plated; the cartridge is made of steel; the frame is the hammer rotary type, and the launching mechanism directly controls the hammer to realize single and continuous shooting; the launch agencies are mainly composed of frame, inner insurance, resistance iron, trigger, speed machine, single lever, hammer, and inner insurance iron.
AK-47 action is reliable, service is good; solid and durable, low failure rate, whether in high temperature or low temperature conditions, shooting performance is very good, especially in sand mud water, performance is reliable; simple structure and easy decomposition.
--- From "Gun World"
Ppsh41 (bobosa)

Caliber: 7.62, bullet volume: 71rds 'bullet drum/35rds 'cartridge, theoretical shooting speed: 900rds/min, effective range: 100 ~ 200 m.
Most parts of ppsh41 are made of steel sheet Stamping, welding, and seam. It has simple structure, good processing technology, easy to manufacture in large quantities, and fierce firepower.
During the Second World War, the Soviet Union's ppsh41 was well known for its simple structure, reliable operation, excellent performance, fierce firepower, and low cost.
In the war of the defending nation, the infiltrated Germans would rather use the captured ppsh41 than the German standard equipment mp38/40.
--- From "Sohu military"

These two weapons have similar characteristics:

  • Low manufacturing cost;
  • High tolerance, even if there is dust in the gun body, it can work normally;
  • Simple maintenance: users can easily remove and maintain parts;
  • Easy to operate and easy to grasp.

Now back to Google's problem, Google's simple and simple style also has similar features:

  • Low manufacturing costFor website products, the design cost is low. At the same time, the simple design makes the user download a small amount of files, which ensures the browsing speed and reduces the burden on the server. This reduces the costs of product developers and users.
  • High toleranceFor websites, it means high accessibility. Even if the simple design does not completely follow the Web Standard for page creation, the page performance on different browsers will not be very different. The value of improving accessibility has been fully explained in zeldman's website reconstruction book.
  • Easy to maintainFor websites, it is helpful for more designers to work together. It is easier to modify the design drafts of other designers, and the works of multiple designers can have a better unified style.
  • Easy to operate and easy to grasp.
    Easy to use is the most important thing for a product. Websites are no exception. User Experience engineers call them website availability. Simple and simple design style can improve the availability of the website, because a large number of decorative elements that distract the user's attention are gone, and what the user really wants is displayed on the page.
    In real life, people like to use seemingly simple tools, because such tools are easy to grasp and work in a clear way, so they are more presented to users, it is easier for users to establish correct psychological models. The same is true for network products. An input box and a button clearly tell the user to enter keywords first, and then click the button to get what you want. A simple design reduces the user's sense of distance from the website. For users, simple, friendly, and approachable pages are easier to access.

What kind of clothes do you wear when you are resting at home? The most comfortable. It may be a long-worn velvet, or even a long-sleeved trousers. They are obviously not as pleasing to the eye as your formal dress, but what is the relationship? Unfortunately, a large number of web pages are designed to be visually brilliant, apple-style crystal effects, special fonts, and far-fetched icons, background pattern ...... if you continue to use clothing to compare the web design, such webpages are more like cheap and fashionable jackets in the zoo clothing wholesale market, with golden zippers and artificial skins everywhere for decoration, the stitch may have a US Army badge. Wearing such clothes is a low-cost personalized demand for middle school students. A website serves users. It is more suitable to use online trousers.

Although I think I have a good reason to make web design simpler, I still cannot do this like other designers, after all, because I read this article more about designers than the boss, even though they wear online trousers at home.

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