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If you are reading this article, you may be interested in web development, even if you start to learn Web development. This article shows a way to be followed by a web developer. As a beginner's guide, this article starts from what to learn and how to specialize. You may be helpful in your plans to enter web development.

front-end vs Backend

You might think that the initial gap is front-end and back-end, so let's first look at what's front and back.


Web applications are categorized as distributed applications according to the customer-service architecture. So some of our code runs on the client side, and part of it runs on the server. Apps running in the client section (in most cases, the client refers to our web browser) being the front end. The most common technology mix for front-end development is html+css+javascript. Front-end experts typically use these techniques to develop expertise to create the front end of a Web application.

Back end

The backend developer writes the code that runs on the server. Typically, this part of the work needs to connect the database to read/write data, read/write files, make business logic, and so on. In some cases, the business logic resides on the client, where the client is often used as a Web service to serve data from the database. Back-end developers are often proficient in a web programming language and a database management system.

You can master both front-end and back-end, of course, in general, web developers are more inclined to one of them, only to understand the other. There are also a few who specialize in one. Although there is a split line between the two, there is no limit to which party should do something. Sometimes the front end is only for visualization, and all work is done at the backend. And sometimes the backend only serves the data, and all the calculations and functions are in the front. This is a design-and-structure relationship that defines which party is doing something.

Programming languages

There are a number of programming languages available for Web development at this time. When we choose the front end, the de facto standard language is JavaScript. There are a number of options available when choosing the backend, and here are some popular options:

    • Php
    • Javascript
    • Ruby on Rails (used with the Ruby programming language)
    • Asp. NET (used in conjunction with the. NET programming language)
    • Java EE
    • Python

This is only a part of it, and your choice should be based on a number of factors such as the job market, the hosting environment for Web applications, the available learning resources, available learning time, and your four-week development community.

If you want to be a web developer, the most important factor from a personal point of view should be the job market. You should analyze the job market you are in (or you want to be) and choose a language with a large number of vacancies. Another important factor is the hosting environment, such as PHP hosting, which is much cheaper than Java hosting. Java EE may be a good choice if you are developing an intranet application that will be hosted within your organization. But if you want your app to be online, Java ee may be a lot more expensive than other languages.

With the popularity of node. js, JavaScript became a popular choice for backend developers. However, it is still quite new and immature technology. So it is not recommended to learn from the novice Web developers.

From a personal point of view, PHP has the simplest learning curve, a cheap hosting environment, rich learning resources, and a relatively easy development environment. This is a good choice for beginners. In addition, ASP. NET is also a good choice. Microsoft offers a lot of learning resources, free development tools and a fairly rich environment. If you like the Microsoft ecosystem, then you can consider ASP.


If you are a beginner, give yourself some time to learn a framework. A framework is a code base that simplifies the work of web developers. The framework gives the Web application a structure that makes it easier for developers to work on tasks and is more efficient than anything else to write on their own. If you want to become a professional web developer, then you have to learn at least one framework to accelerate your development.

There are a lot of frameworks you can learn at the moment and you have to evaluate your needs. If you choose PHP, it is recommended that you take laravel as a choice. If you chose ASP, you can choose to learn ASP. NET MVC and EntityFramework.

Web development can be huge, and you may want to focus on one type of application. Take the Web site Content Management System (CMS) as an example, if you choose PHP, then it is recommended that you continue to use WordPress. WordPress allows you to create websites and blogs, and it can be extended by default plugins or custom plugins and themes to accommodate more complex business applications.

You will find that there are a lot of frameworks behind any of the languages you choose, so you will be dealing with different frameworks based on the language you choose.


In the first recommendation, even if you choose to specialize in front-end or back-end, you should have some control over the other end. If you do, your team will perform better. If you have learned a language, you have mastered a framework. Perhaps you should consider starting over again, programming languages have their own concepts and paradigms, knowing that two or more two programming languages can give you a better understanding of how to solve programming languages and make you a more "fluent" developer. As mentioned earlier, you have to consider many factors when choosing a language. You can slowly expand your selection list in the next path. If you look at the article you are a Web development Daniel, you are welcome to share in the comments behind the article you encountered in the development process.

Web Summary.

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