Website open slow How, which causes the website to open very slowly

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Website Open very slow believe is a lot of people will encounter problems, in addition to their own reasons for slow speed, more should be considered from the site itself, sometimes some of the details of the problem will cause the site to open slowly, the general reasons will have the following aspects:

First, the issue of Web server space. Web sites are stored in the server space, if the server response is slow, then the site will open very slowly, so the webmaster in the choice of space, should choose those who have the strength of space service providers, choose two or more lines of the host, the best choice of domestic space;

Second, the site code problems, such as the use of table layout will be more than the use of the div layout of the site opened slowly, there are some JavaScript and a cause external plug-ins, etc. will also have some impact on the speed of the website opening;

Third, Dynamic Web page data, Dynamic Web site He needs some time to read the data during the call, which is one of the reasons why the reading speed is too slow. In the face of this situation, we can put the page HTML static to increase the speed of opening the site, the network has achieved a good Web page HTML static;

Four, the Web site layout and art, site production as far as possible to reduce the use of large images, flash animation, etc., these will affect the opening speed of the site, and sometimes we open a website when the text is out, but the picture is not shown, that is the reason.

Synthesis of the above points, we are in the production of the site to avoid some of the problems caused by the slow opening of the website, so that the subjective increase in the speed of the site, if you really encounter the slow speed of the Web site to open slow, it is not in our power.

Website open slow How, which causes the website to open very slowly

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