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In the era of network marketing mode, its occupy market share is constantly expanding, website construction and optimization are more and more enterprises pay attention to. Website construction optimization in the enterprise plan to occupy more and more proportion. Website Construction optimization for the professional SEO company is very simple. But for most of the internet's "layman", how to make a website is still a very difficult problem to solve. In fact, as long as you grasp the site to set up the most critical four steps you can also easily build a high-quality site: Website construction needs, website construction planning, website construction implementation. Today, I will combine my website construction process to share with you the construction of the site to pay attention to the process, I hope that we can help.

 Note Point one, clear site positioning, grasp the theme of the website.

What is the location of the site? Baidu Encyclopedia official Interpretation site is the location of the user group, market share, product nature, price range of subdivision and positioning, preset site in the user's heart image and status. The core of site positioning is to find or build your site's core differences, and then on the basis of this difference point in the consumer's mental model to establish a brand image, a concept of differentiation. Simply speaking, the website's service group's determination and the website's brand image establishment. How to grasp the theme of a Web site, we all know a site without a theme, like a person without a soul, there is no value and significance. and the establishment of the theme of the site is from large classification to small classification of a layer of refinement, so as to develop a Web site design concept of the site theme. Many people think that the theme of the site determines the fate of the site, enough to see the importance of the theme of the site. When formulating a theme, you need to observe the following principles: Site theme must be legitimate, the timeliness of the theme of the site, the theme to minimize. It is necessary to follow these guidelines to determine the theme of a website.


 Note that the second, optimize the site construction, planning needs to be reasonable.

Want to build a house, the first choice everyone will think of is I will build the house what kind of son? Go back to depict the drawings of the house, and the site construction is like building a house, and the site planning relative to the building of the drawings, with a good site planning can be comprehensive and reasonable control of the site. Usually web site planning mainly includes the following content: Site positioning, domain name selection, website promotion, website maintenance, site security and so on. Each aspect of the content has a number of specific requirements. Do not be afraid of trouble when planning a website, and must be comprehensive when considering the problem. For instance, the website promotion question, the website promotion includes many ways, but we must use the website localization to choose the corresponding promotion way, such website effect can reach.


Note the third, the site domain name choice to be cautious.

A good site domain name can make the site optimization to achieve a multiplier effect, which is enough to prove that the domain name choice for the production of an excellent site plays an important role. A good domain name is the enterprise's most valuable fixed assets, it can save a lot of your business publicity costs; Help you retain and attract more customers; can make your customers and potential customers easier to remember, to help you improve the corporate image; Usually the domain name is mainly divided into com/cn/org, of course, the domain name is not easy to choose, we still have a lot of factors to consider, such as the length of domain names to consider, domain name suffix to consider, Domain name registrars and brands also have to consider and so on. This is why there are so many people on the internet who are willing to sell domain names. A good domain name can indeed bring good economic benefits to the website. Take the air filter This optimization keyword, an old domain name than a new registered domain name according to have a certain weight and influence, can help the website more easily by the search engine recognition to get good keywords ranking;


 Attention to point four, server space selection should be paid attention to.

Server stability is an important indicator of the quality of the Web site performance, the server is stable or not directly related to the site's credit rating, server instability resulting in the site is not open or slow to open, affecting the impact of the search engine on the site, imagine if your search engine on your impact is not good, Does your site have a good ranking? and the site space is equivalent to a house, you need to store your site content in this House, including text, pictures, flash pictures and so on. The website space includes the virtual host, the Rubik's Cube host, the VPS host, the independent server and so on. We need to create a better space for our site, so as to ensure the late optimization of the site.

In fact, want to build optimization site is not difficult, each step can be dug out a lot of details, as long as you start from the above four big aspects, and then slowly to expand the new Web site production content. It is no longer a dream to take every step and build a good optimization website.

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