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If a person has his own unique style that is not available to ordinary people, the special style of the person will be noticed. If the style of the person is positive, it may even attract the envy and attention of others, or be appreciated. Just like a website, having a style that other websites do not have, it will make the browser more willing to stay for a while, savor the content of the site, and even get the encouragement and attention of many people, roughly speaking, the website style can be discussed from the following aspects, and each item is related:

1. colors: the background color, text font, and color of the webpage.
2. Layout: applications of tables and frameworks, text reduction, and paragraphs.
3. Window: window effect, such as full screen window and special effect window.
4. Programs: webpage interaction programs, such as ASP. php. xml. cgi.
5. Special Effects: various applications that make webpages Look lively, such as flash. Java Script. Java applets. DHTML.
6. Architecture: Directory planning, easy-to-understand layers, and menu applications.
7. Content: website themes, overall practicability, file relevance, content suitability, and unnecessary files.
8. trend: the future plan of the website and the overall content trend of the website.

The above projects are closely related to the webpage style. The webpage style is not the same, and the website has a general sense. Instead, the website style can be perfectly designed only by integrating various purposes with applications. The following section briefly introduces each project.

[1. colors]

The color of a website is the overall Visual View of the viewer. If the color of a website is consistent, it will not only make the website look beautiful, but also make it difficult for the viewer to confuse the content and increase the simplicity and convenience of browsing. However, the color of a website can better reflect the theme of a website. If the color can be reasonably matched with the theme, it will increase the accessibility of visitors. The color of a website includes the background color, text font, image color, and so on. This not only perfectly matches the color, but also matches each content and website subject. For the color of the website, we should make a good plan and design before the website starts to be made, so that it is not difficult to match the website, or even lead to chaotic design.

The background color of a webpage is an important indicator of the overall website style. For example, a webpage with black as the background color may have a gloomy visual effect on people. If it is used as a lively website for children, it is not suitable. Because a child is innocent, lively, and vigorous, it is hard to associate with the dark black. For another example, if you write a website about environmental protection and use dark red as the background color of the webpage, no one will think that the content of the webpage is related to environmental protection. Of course, the aesthetics of each person is different and may have different representative views on the color. However, since the website is not just for yourself, you should note that most people may have opinions, then we design the webpage from the perspective of mass living.

For text fonts, the best website is based on fonts that can be viewed by all viewers. It is often seen that there are multiple websites that require the viewer to download a certain font to achieve the best browsing effect. This is a very strange behavior. After all, the viewer only looks for information or the content of the website. It is impossible to download the desired font to achieve the best browsing effect. If the requested font is not downloaded, it will not affect the browsing and inconvenience of the website content. Therefore, the requirement on the browser will be minimal and will not have any effect. In this way, it is a pity for web designers, because the original design style did not give viewers a glimpse of the whole picture, isn't it hard work?

What is the color of an image? A simple distinction between colors can be divided into cold and warm colors. A more detailed distinction can be made between different colors, the difference lies in the subjective browsing consciousness. It is difficult to compare the color of images with the overall color of the website. For beginners of web pages, it is not easy to draw a picture. It is even more difficult to draw a picture that suits the style of your web pages. Most Web page makers are not likely to be familiar with image processing software or drawing software. Therefore, the website for web page materials has become popular. Of course, the absence of drawing software does not mean that the web page cannot be designed well. If the materials on the network can be properly utilized, the website can also get out of its own style. How to Choose images suitable for your website is a great learning.

What is the standard for selecting images? For example, if the website content is a scientific discussion, you cannot use cartoon pictures as illustrations. Imagine that when you are browsing a website about astronomy, it is full of cute pictures of Pikachu, isn't it uncoordinated? For another example, if a teaching website contains all star images, it doesn't look like a teaching website, but a celebrity photo network with large volumes of data. Many people like to put their favorite celebrity photos on their own web pages. If they are personal websites, they will also be fine, because personal websites have no themes, there is no such thing as a symbol that does not meet the theme concerns. But if there is a theme website, isn't it bad?

In terms of image content, it is best to match the website subject. If not, there should be no difference. In terms of color, if a Web page is blue, but the images of the entire web page are messy, various colors are out of the cage. Worse, blue is a cold color, if the blue-based Web pages are all big red and orange images, the whole web page will look like garbage dumps. Therefore, we can simply conclude that the color and color of the webpage and image files are the same or the visual effects are the same, which will make the webpage look more beautiful and have its own style.

The color of the web page is not a single color of the graph file, text, or background color. It is viewed from the browser's perspective. The overall web page looks like which color system is preferred. We often see that many websites do not have their own styles even though their colors are well matched. Taking the popular websites with soft and pink colors as an example, they lose their unique style. Because the use of pink websites, almost all have the same characteristics, the text color is light, the background color is also light color, in addition to not have their own style, it looks neither big nor big elegant. For various search websites, this design will not be done at all. Because the text color is light and the background color is light, it is very hard for viewers to read, therefore, this design style should be avoided as much as possible.

A webpage with its own style and comfortable reading is not likely to be written at a time, but needs to be corrected and tuned without any annoyance to achieve the best browsing effect, therefore, you must be patient when creating a webpage.

[2. layout]

The layout of a website is an important indicator that makes it easy for web page viewers to read and the content subject is clear. If the layout of a website is carefully planned, it will make the viewer more quickly find the required information. Just like a book, the proper arrangement will make readers understand at a glance and better understand the content to be elaborated in the book. The layout of a website is as important as the layout of a book. The website layout includes the application of tables and frameworks, text reduction, paragraphs, and so on. The layout is not neat and requires clear classification and appropriate planning of themes.

Table applications are the most common orchestration Method for large websites. tables can be integrated and organized in multiple sections to achieve clear and easy-to-understand results. What is a tangible table? Common tangible tables are mostly framed or colored. A table can be used in multiple forms. The layout between the form and text can be used to make the most appropriate arrangement of graphics and text on the webpage.

However, the background color or basemap of the table should avoid conflicts with the text. The basemap or background color used in common tables is too heavy, but the text is unclear. Of course, the focus of the table is still the text, not the basemap or background color used as a supporting role. When the base map is only used as a decoration, the text should be clear. The overall color of a table is even more important. The box and background colors should be the same as the overall color of the webpage. If a table is used as the same web page arrangement, try to avoid too much difference between tables. Only when there is a table with special content needs to be highlighted can it be necessary to make different colors.

The application of the Framework is suitable for web pages with slow website space. The framework can avoid repeated reading of the same web page, dragging down the download speed. However, due to the cutting of the entire image, the browser's inner page space is greatly reduced. Therefore, to use the framework, you must note the accessibility of the content homepage. Frame orchestration, the most important thing to note is that the left and right scroll bars should be avoided as much as possible. If a webpage is reading, you must constantly move the scroll bars to the right and left, this will cause great inconvenience to the viewers.

In addition, the framework also needs to pay attention to the correctness of the link. When you see a webpage with the framework as the main body, you can press the link in the frame page of the menu to open a window instead of displaying it on the Framework page of the content, this is really a fart without your pants-let alone it! Too many web pages in the framework will cause the viewer to wonder how to find information. Taking the most common example, many small personal websites often prefer to use multiple frameworks to construct websites. There are more than five or six website framework pages, and sometimes the menu on the left is clicked, I thought that the content will appear on the Content Framework page, but it is actually displayed in a small corner in the upper right corner. This is not a special style, it is neither beautiful nor practical, it is more difficult to find information!

The framework and table are both powerful tools for overall webpage orchestration. It takes a long time to modify the layout, observe and learn (but not imitate plagiarism), and learn how to use and get out of your own style.


The proper use of window effects can make webpages have special characteristics, but excessive application may make people dislike, or even close the webpage and stop visiting. If the window is improperly used, it is a pity that the browser is inconvenient and does not want to continue browsing.

Full-screen window is generally not preferred by viewers, especially mandatory full-screen browsing. Generally, netshers are not happy to accept different browsing methods. This method can be used for websites with large images to facilitate a full-screen view. However, you must note that the full-screen window will be enabled before the link, which will not affect the viewer's dislike.

Many personal websites are particularly fond of using the tool-free window. Some websites enlarge the tool-free window to the full screen, while some websites use ultra-mini windows that are too small. The former method makes it difficult for people to jump through the web page and perform other operations, causing great inconvenience. The latter is even worse. The window size is almost impossible to browse, And the font size is small, the image size is small, and the content is less, this kind of window makes the viewer feel that the website has no connotation and is quite simple. Almost all of these websites share the most common feature: the Right-click lock function. Such a lock will not be of much help to the website itself. In addition to making it inconvenient for the visitor, in fact, the viewer has no intention to copy the website, but will only feel that the webpage has no content and will be afraid of plagiarism by others. Most of the visitors who see such websites do not feel styles. If they feel styles, they are just a popular "stingy style 」.

In addition, there are some websites for beginners, especially those who prefer to abuse window special effects, such as webpage vibration and flashing. These are not actually helpful for content and personal style, and should be avoided as much as possible. After all, websites with scale and connotation won't have such messy special effects. Such special effects have indeed caused some special effects, that is, the special effect of webpage chaos. Most websites that are prone to misuse of special window effects have no content. They want to use these content to seek audio and video, and try to create the illusion of a visitor, mistakenly thinking that the content is rich. But in fact, not only is the effect not achieved, but it will make the visitor see through the website at a glance as a newbie to the website maker, and the site has almost no content at all. If the website has rich connotations, it is a pity that the browser will become an illusion?

Not all window effects are negative comments. In some cases, you can use them with caution. If the amount of data is small, or the amount of small data such as announcements, you can use a small window to open it. This method helps the integrity of the web page and ease of browsing.

Based on the above, if a successful website wants to get out of its own style, it should not be strengthened by window special effects, but should first focus on content, the website content determines how to use some special windows to achieve the style consistency of the entire website. Remember, the more patterns there are, the better the web pages, the better the content and window effects.

[4. procedures]

In the early websites, only the viewer can "see". Along with the development of multiple programming languages, ASP is often heard of webpage interaction programs. PHP. CGI. XML and so on. These web applications can make webpages "dynamic", and the website functions can be "viewed" or "participated. However, most web page makers do not develop programs themselves, so many websites that are already ready-made programs to download websites or free resources have emerged. Website creators who do not write programs are nothing more than a good news, but they must pay attention to the overall web style when applying existing programs or using free resources.

Programs are also part of the web page, but they also have the program code to process data, so the application of the program must also be cautious with the style of the whole website. For example, the entire website is dominated by the white color, but the message board uses the black color for some reason. Isn't that a pretty bad picture? Moreover, if the entire website is related to male's favorite things, and the discussion area suddenly shows soft beautiful girl pictures, this is simply too strange! Therefore, when applying for free resources or using the downloaded package, you must first check whether the color and image can match the style and themes of the entire website.

In the case of downloading and modifying the program, the original copyright can be changed unless you modify the "program part" of the original program by more than 70%. Otherwise, the Copyright Law will be violated. Here we need to make a note that the so-called program part is the part that does not contain HTML, not the layout is changed, the program is its own, and many personal websites are common, I changed the layout of the Downloaded Program without having moved the part of the program. I changed the copyright without authorization and stated that it was written by myself. It also marked "All Rights Reserved, the words are required for piracy. This kind of behavior is not only highly objectionable to those who have some concepts and experience in creating web pages, but also may cause unnecessary disputes. In addition, this is not helpful for the unique style of the website, but it is not worth the candle!

Of course, the program is not used in disorder or misuse, it means that the website is well prepared, and a large number of unnecessary program functions are repeatedly used, which is not used by viewers, it will only become useless "website spam 」. For example, the abuse of the wishing version is a waste of resources. Individual websites have enough to own a wishing version. In fact, there is no need for it at all, in addition to resource waste, there are almost no visitors who will leave their wishes. Useless programs, even better and more cute, no use at best is rubbish! As the number of spam on the website increases, it stinks! The original content will be buried by these stinks!

Another more common example is that a common website has a message board that meets the requirements, we will always see "Backup Version 1", "Backup Version 2", "Backup Version 3", "Whisper version 1", "Whisper version 2", and "Whisper Version 3, if there is no more content to distinguish between different message content, these messy Backup Version XX will be free. This pile of message versions will only let the viewer look forward to it, and do not know which one to stay, it is a major feature of small websites!

Remember, in terms of the principle of creating web pages, there is no such thing as "big data is beautiful". Sometimes it is like "old lady's smelly leather boots, smelly and long 」, it's easy to get bored!

[V. Special Effects]

Website special effects can make the website look more lively. common technologies include Flash. Java Script. Java applets. DHTML and so on. The proper use of these web tips is like a little bit of water without traces, which can often make the best effect of writing small effects, make the web page more beautiful and create a unique style. Most of these tips are small programs that can be copied anywhere on the Internet. So you need to know that visitors do not think the skills of this website are very clever because of various special effects. Because these skills are copied, no matter how much they are used and how complicated they are. Using these special effects without any trace makes it possible for the special effects to go through the water and play a role on the webpage. This is the successful design of the website!

Let's take a few examples of the most common special effects, such as a welcome message. If it's just a welcome, you don't have to disturb people like this. What's more, there are several welcome messages one after another, first, "Hello! Welcome to this site !」 "Please use 600*800 screen resolution to browse this site", "Here is XX Station", and "Please add this website to my favorites !」, This kind of one-on-one message keeps the computer listening, and viewers must press and confirm one by one to access the webpage. This is really boring. Also, when you enter the Website, you need to ask your name. After the question is answered, a message "Hello XXX, welcome!" is displayed !」, This will only make the visitor very disgusted, and does not feel at all. Finally, after greeting the ancestor's 18 generations, he jumped out of a force to join my favorites. In fact, such websites do not have any viewers who are willing to add them to their favorites, it's so annoying and cool!

A pile of text or images with the mouse are meaningless and not beautiful, and there is no need to disturb the line of sight. The most common thing is to change the pointer of the mouse, where the link can be changed, and where the link can not be clearly understood. There is no style or aesthetic, and there is no more skill to say. This kind of special effect should also be avoided as much as possible, unless your webpage does not want to let people know what links there are, such special effects can be used freely. Of course, there won't be a website maker who doesn't want viewers to know their links at all, but cannot find the content they want to see. If this is the case, it is impossible to build a website, isn't it?

Websites like snowflake film flying are also undesirable. Imagine if you have to read an article, but there is always "junk" Falling down to block your sight, isn't that bad? The viewer is looking at the content of the webpage, not the "shadow" that falls down from your piece 」. The browser's Status column is also one of the common disturbing special effects. When you are enjoying the content of the website, you feel that the screen is flashing, which is both eye-catching and meaningless, therefore, you do not need to abuse this special effect.

However, it is not just about denying the use of special effects. It is like a long article with a wide range of content. If there is a cross line at this time, it will certainly be helpful for browsing. If you can integrate various menus and appear on the webpage in a timely manner, you can increase layout consistency and use special effects without any trace, and have a holistic style. Therefore, webpage special effects should not be used. They should be used properly, used in a friendly manner, and used in combination with the website style. In this way, special effects can be used to make full use of them.

[Vi. Architecture]

If a website has a clear directory architecture, in addition to easy maintenance for website makers, it also makes it easy for viewers to get started with unfamiliar website environments. The website architecture can start from several directions, including directory planning, easy-to-understand layers, and menu application.

The website architecture planning should be completed before the webpage is created. If there is any change in the future, do not change it to a large structure directory, otherwise, the website's regular customers must have a new understanding of the environment. If the change is too large and there is no detailed explanation, some frequent customers may be lost. Not to mention that this is impossible. After all, there are still a lot of netizens who do not know much about computers on the Internet. websites are not written only for those who have sufficient brain knowledge, but must take into account all levels. Of course, you can also say that your website only needs to be viewed by a small number of people. It is just the ultimate goal of building a website. Do you want to have a lot of crowds?

When a website has more and more content, the hierarchy will become more and more complex. As a webmaster, you certainly know your own website as well as your own webpage hierarchy. However, your website is not just for yourself. It is very important to have a simple hierarchy. Some websites have more and more directories, but they are getting more and more chaotic. the materials of different contents are put under the same link. For chaotic designs, it is generally impossible for a viewer to guess your mind. links that know different types of data are actually under the same link! To write a webpage, you must always use the browser as the starting point. In this way, the website can be accessed by visitors of different classes and types in the architecture.

It is also often seen that some websites are too complicated to view the content, but do not know how to return to the home page or back to the directory page. At this time, if you can have a navigation column, or add the link design of the Back-to-page or back-to-directory page, it will certainly make the viewer feel convenient and considerate.
In the end, the website architecture uses menus as the expression. Tree menus often make the visitors clear and clear. The Style Design of menus often highlights the style and characteristics of the station. If the webpage can be matched with an appropriate menu and the effect is not fancy and does not cause visual impairment, the unique style of the entire website will be displayed.

[7. Content]

The content of a website is as important as the text of a book. The book has no inner pages. Even if the cover is beautiful and exquisite, it is just a piece of paper with beautiful shell; if the contents of a book are disorganized or unsuitable for the title of the book, the buyers will be very upset and angry. The same is true for websites. If there is no content on the website, even if it is beautifully dressed, It is not worthy of being called a website, if you accidentally step into the page view, it will inevitably be very disappointing. Websites have a wide range of content, which can be divided into the following types: website themes, overall practicability, file relevance, content suitability, and unnecessary files.

All websites must have a specific subject, and the overall content of the website will develop around this topic. It is difficult for websites without themes to have fixed regular customers, such as a large collection of complex contents. Generally, most users query data. Of course, they also want to query accurate and multi-volume data. For websites with large volumes of data, because of poor quality, it is useless for most viewers. Those who want to create a network do not want their web pages to be regarded as garbage. Therefore, they should have a clear topic for updates from the beginning to the future.

The overall practicability of the website includes the practicality and reference value of the materials. If the website has a specific topic, we should try our best to avoid other irrelevant topics. If there are other materials that do not match the subject, it is like a zombie in the flowers, and there is no overall style of the website. Many personal websites are like miscellaneous, with unrelated materials such as teaching, praying, raising pets, and collecting articles. However, the reason why a personal website is called a personal website is that it has the charm of a "Grocery Store" and can always attract the eyes of browsing communities. However, if you want your website to be elegant, you should establish a theme and organize useful and practical materials for the theme.

The relevance of files is also an important pointer to content. Under a large topic, many associated Small topics can often be divided at the beginning. In this case, we should add classification and integration to the details to clearly let the viewers know the associations between these small themes. Instead of a pile of East and West files, there is no integrated file. Even if it is partially related to the topic, it will become useless garbage in the eyes of common viewers, this is a pity.

For integration, the more content a website contains, the better, we should also pay attention to whether this information is applicable to the subject, whether it is useful to the website, whether it is properly understood, and whether there are unnecessary archives. In this way, the content of the web page can gradually go on a multi-volume and multi-quality path, you can also get out of your own theme style.

[8. Trend]

The future direction of a website is an important indicator of the future of a website. It is often said that some websites will be shut down when they do not move. In fact, most of these websites are because they have not planned the future direction of the website, and the webmaster cannot see the future, of course, the browser cannot see any updates on the webpage. After a long time, it will naturally be no longer visited, and the website will naturally be forced to shut down the site. I believe that no Webmaster will think about shutting down the website in the future when they start the website again? Since you do not want to end up here, you should consider the overall future trend of the website.

The website trend should always be consistent with the website theme. For example, a news website is unlikely to become a cartoon website, so the previous frequent customers will inevitably be lost. Isn't it equal to shutting down the old station and opening a new station? A visitor will become a frequent visitor to a website. He must have a strong interest in the topic. First, the topic of the website is not so appropriate, these regular customers will find their favorite websites.

If you want your website to always have its own unique taste and stick to perfection, future planning of the website is a required course.

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