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Hello, everyone! I am the CEO of the search fee. I am very glad to meet you here, I very much hope and everyone Frank to make a friend, share our experience as a webmaster.

The stability of the site, and speed, is a search engine is one of the important standards of friendliness, but also the search engine ranking important parameters. Imagine a website, if Zooey can't visit, then search engine spider will often come? Light, spider update snapshot, unusually slow. Heavy, removed from the search engine. Spiders if crawling fails, your site will return 404 errors, and then Baidu will know that your site is inaccessible. Wait until the next time, if you crawl to the relevant links to your site, or can not access. Baidu's existence of your site is very questionable. For a non-existent site, or dead chain, Baidu generally deletes the slower speed. But once deleted, and then to restore the list and the previous rankings, is a long process. If the webmaster is lazy, no new links, then your site, it is difficult to appear on the search engine. If you need your site, in Baidu to get a good ranking, it will be the first time to eliminate the possibility of downtime, and the failure to access. Webmaster Comrades, not easy ah. In the money can not afford to network management, it must have a pair of discerning eyes, from the nuances, to reprimand our website!

Visit a website, basically 4 steps. Step 1. The client issues a domain name request. In the address bar of the browser, type the address of the domain name, such as Step 2. Through the DNS server, the domain name is resolved into the corresponding IP, shaped like Step 3. Respond to a virtual host or server that corresponds to this IP. Step 4: The data is downloaded to the local network, which completes an access request. If the host can not access, it must be, the above 4 links, a link, caused by problems. You can eliminate the failure in turn by eliminating the problem, which enables fast recovery of the host.

Step 1: The client issues a domain name request, shaped like

The error that may appear here is that the domain name URL that you entered manually is incorrect. Nature can't access the right website anymore. This is the most elementary mistake, but it is still easy to happen. Note that the URL, some similar, or the shape of characters, such as the Web site "1" and "L", "0" and "O", these are very easy to confuse the characters. Solution: Carefully review the Web site, re-enter. Or Baidu, the site's core keywords, or brand words, try. The results of Baidu, generally speaking, or more accurate.

Step 2: Through the DNS server, the domain name resolution to the corresponding IP.

This step is critical, but also a high issue, 40% of downtime due to the instability of the DNS server. A DNS server, like a query book that links names and phone numbers. If there is a problem here, the consequences are disastrous. Because the general enterprise, and the individual, many are the use of virtual host construction site, the conditions are better, but also rental or hosting a server. But very few people have a separate DNS server. 80% of the webmaster, do not have their own DNS server. Everyone's domain resolution request, generally through the domain name provider, provided by the DNS server completed. More than one, and the base of this service is quite huge. When the torrent of information, concentrated on 1-6 DNS servers, then these several DNS servers, it becomes extremely unstable.

Quick way to determine DNS server failures:

At present, there are some websites that provide the function of "IP counter check". You need to find some, and you have the same IP site. Perhaps because the update has a delay, some domain name IP has changed. You need to ping the selected URL again, identify the site, and your site belongs to an IP. Write down their URLs. When your site can not open the first time, you have to log in with the IP site to see. If, the same IP under the other website, can open, but only your website cannot open. That can be sure, is your site's DNS server, there is a problem. Otherwise, it will be the next step of troubleshooting. You can also put, your site, and your IP site together to monitor the Treasure monitoring project, so you can quickly determine whether the DNS server failure, or virtual host downtime failure.

How to troubleshoot DNS server instability:

You can select a number of professional DNS service providers to resolve your domain name. These parsers, not only professional, but also provide a stable and free DNS resolution service. In the domestic more well-known DNS resolver:,, and so on ... There are some abroad, but the recommendation of domestic services. If your site business in the country, then whether your host, or DNS server, should be the preferred domestic machine. Overseas trans-ocean routes, because the road is remote, there are national firewalls, and other unpredictable factors, recommended domestic services relatively stable. When filling in the list of DNS servers, also try to 6 DNS servers, all written on, more secure.

Step 3: Respond to a virtual host or server that corresponds to an IP.

This step, the probability of the server downtime is about 40%. The reason for this failure is that the server is down. General webmaster, refers to the downtime, but also mainly here. Server when the machine for many reasons, traffic is too large, DDoS attacks, internal instability of the program, and so on ...

How to determine server downtime:

The previous step, if the same IP under the site, can not open, then basically determine, is the server downtime caused.

How to troubleshoot server downtime:

A. To instantly discover the problem of server downtime. Time is money, this is the truth of the same. We need the first time to discover the problem of downtime. Recommend that you can use the "monitor treasure", add a good site monitoring items, he can test your site every 15 minutes. If he finds out that your site is inaccessible for the first time, he will send an email to the webmaster immediately.

B. It is best to prepare 2 virtual hosts, they have the same content, but different IP, and the location of the computer room is different. Such 2 hosts, while the likelihood of downtime is greatly reduced. The first time after discovering the problem of downtime, you can quickly modify the domain name records in, point to the current normal virtual host. Dnspod resolution effective time is real-time, and the general DNS server, refresh time is longer, external claims within 24 hours, according to the actual experience, almost 30 minutes, or it will check the binding is correct.

C. There may still be some webmaster friends, think the domain name resolution is a bit complicated. Figured out, in fact very simple. Although their tutorials may have a large section of text, in fact, 2 steps: AA. On the DNS server, point the domain name to IP.BB. On the virtual host, the host binding domain name (also here, the application site for the record!). One is, who is it sent to? The other is, who is to accept the request? Is it easy?

Step 4: Download the data to the local network and complete a request.

The odds of a problem here are small, but it's possible. The symptom of its performance is that you cannot access your site on your machine. And on someone else's computer, it can be opened. If this happens, it may be because of the network instability in your location that caused the interruption of access. This failure usually affects a smaller area. If you want to determine if the local network is unblocked, you can open your website by "online agent" and try it out when you can't open your website. Baidu "Online Agent", there are some sites can provide, with other IP, or foreign IP agent to access a Web site services. If an online agent can open your site, you can basically determine that there is a temporary instability in your local network.

Webmaster Friends, read the above text, you think I said that there is a reason? If you support me, please leave a message. Your support is the greatest encouragement to me! If you object, please leave a message. We need your help, let's build a more efficient, more stable virtual host solution.

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