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Server|window for people all over the world today can be regarded as an eventful, war, disease, each of the same affect our hearts, so the advent of Windows Server 2003 is not like the previous Microsoft launched a new operating system so much attention, but even so,  Eris silkworm oxime Huang window umbrella?
Windows Server 2003 as. NET architecture proposed since the most important, most basic products, it has been launched to attract the attention of the industry. Let's remove the masks and have a close contact with Windows Server 2003来.
As a network operating system or server operating system, high performance, high reliability and high security are the essential factors, especially the increasingly complex enterprise applications and Internet applications, and put forward higher requirements. Microsoft's enterprise-class operating system, if Windows 2000 fully inherits NT technology, Windows Server 2003 is the basis. NET architecture has made important development and substantial improvement to NT technology, which has condensed the technology accumulation of Microsoft for many years, and partly realized. NET strategy, or architecture. NET strategy of the most basic link. Since the release of Windows Server 2003 has been repeatedly postponed, with more beta versions than in the past, and Microsoft's extreme emphasis on Windows Server 2003, it is a strategic step in the architecture battle between Microsoft and Sun, and in the former UNIX group, After having Linux in hot pursuit of the situation in order to get rid of the tough strokes, its meaning does not allow the desktop operating system Windows XP in Windows 98, the impact may be more far-reaching.
The Windows Server 2003 Simplified Chinese version is divided into four versions of Web, Standard, Enterprise, and Datacenter. The enterprise version supports up to 8 processors and 32GB of RAM, with a minimum CPU speed of 133MHz and memory not less than 128MB. As a result, Windows Server 2003 hardware adaptability is indeed broad, its excellent scalability is not a falsehood.
Windows Server 2003 is installed as Windows XP, and if you are not reminded of Windows Server 2003 in the upper-left corner of the screen, you think you are installing Windows XP. Installation of two kinds of upgrade installation and new installation. Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition can only be upgraded from Windows NT Server 4.0+SP5 or later and from versions of Windows Server. If you do not reach the above version, you can upgrade to Windows Server 2003 before upgrading to the previous version.
Windows Server 2003 has been fully replaced with a Windows XP jacket, while also preparing a traditional Windows interface for operators with nostalgic feelings. Microsoft intends to unify the interface of all products in the Windows XP style to fit the. Net strategy, which is reflected again in Windows Server 2003, and is bound to be launched in the upcoming Office 2003, Visual Studio. Net 2003 and other products are further reflected.
By testing, under the same hardware configuration, Windows Server 2003 starts faster and runs faster than Windows SQL Server, and is more visible in low-end hardware configurations and running large software like Photoshop. This is undoubtedly the result of improved Windows Server 2003 core and optimized management of various devices, as well as the significant memory management, disk Management, and threading Management performance of Windows Server 2003 as a server operating system. As a new generation of network operating systems, Windows Server 2003 has its own unique device management model, so hardware drivers have to be installed for Win2003, preferably digitally signed with Microsoft certification, to ensure that Windows Server 2003 of stability and security. Windows Server 2003 has built-in drivers for most of the mainstream hardware, which, despite their mediocre performance, is the best stability and compatibility compared to drivers provided by hardware vendors.
The manageability of Windows Server 2003 is significantly enhanced by Windows 2000, mainly in the configuration of a variety of services. With the Configure your server and manage Your Server wizards, system administrators can easily install and manage server roles to complete the installation and configuration of a variety of servers that are simple, convenient, and comprehensive and not Windows 2000 comparable. Windows Server 2003 has built-in file servers, print servers, application servers, mail servers, terminal servers, remote access/VPN servers, domain controllers, DNS servers, DHCP servers, streaming media servers, WINS servers, Server roles, such as file servers, almost all of the server applications. With these built-in server roles, a few simple steps are required to complete the configuration of the appropriate server. For example, configure a streaming media server:
1, run "Manage Your Server";
2, click "Add or Remove Role", click "Next";
3, select "Streaming Media Server", click "Next";
4, click "Next", and finally click "Finish".
Look, it's that simple. Of course, you can also use the "Manage Your server" Streaming media server some of the parameters and options to adjust. Removing a server is also easy, simply by removing the appropriate server role from the Manage Your server.
The power of the network operating system, performance, and the strength of the services provided by the strong relationship, Windows Server 2003 In this regard is a "synthesizer", not only improve the original Windows 2000 services, improve the performance of these services and expand a number of features, It also adds new services, such as mail servers. Although this mail server is generally not very useful, it is no good to complain about Microsoft's ability to sufficient the market for its own enterprise-class mail server, as well as to add enough service to Windows Server 2003.
Windows Server 2003 has improved and enhanced the remote control feature, adding Remote Desktop Connection that was originally implemented through NetMeeting, which has greatly enhanced the control and management of the network by the system administrator.
In order to adapt. NET strategy, Windows Server 2003 provides a. NET Framework computing platform that simplifies the development of applications in an Internet-distributed environment, such as developing applications and XML Web services. and provide good support and scalable server-side running environments for these applications.
Windows Server 2003 is built with IIS version 6.0, which has made significant strides in terms of reliability, security, manageability, and more especially overall support, compared to IIS 5.0 in Windows 2000. NET architecture, providing an excellent running environment and Web application development and running mechanism, making Windows Server 2003 an excellent Web service platform.
The improvement of the streaming media server has further enhanced Microsoft's position as a media technology leader, and has made a difference to Microsoft's backwardness after the launch of the new Helix Server version of RealNetworks Company. The streaming media server (Windows Media Services) version has risen to 9.0, and it is a perfect match for the client's Windows Media Player 9.0. The streaming media server improves the connection mode between client and server, and makes the data stream play smoothly in the bad network environment. Another bright spot is that you can add playlists to the server, which can be manually changed by the administrator, or generated automatically by a set of playback schemes, which can also be generated by a specially crafted streaming media server program. The streaming media server also provides SDK development kits and various calling interfaces to enable program developers to customize and create personalized streaming media services.
There are a number of new or improved features in Windows Server 2003 that are intended to give readers a glimpse of did.
Windows security has historically been criticized until Windows 2000 has made a big difference, but it's still hard to see: the error of an input method at logon, an example of an IIS-specific URL vulnerability. Windows 2000 patch is almost all security patches, so that some network management day not on the Microsoft site is not practical. Windows Server 2003 is strong in security, not only blocking all the NT vulnerabilities that have been discovered, but also redesigning the security subsystem, adding new security certifications, and improving security algorithms. Everywhere fortification, even visit a new website and run a new program have a confirmation hint, although some annoying, but Microsoft's intentions we should understand.
The shutdown and restart modules for Windows Server 2003 should be specifically mentioned. In this module, Windows Server 2003 adds the "Shutdown Event Tracker" option, which allows you to select a reason and explain before shutting down the computer. This is superfluous in the desktop system, but it is important in the server system. Because the server is working continuously, unplanned shutdown or reboot means an accident and must be documented. From this small change, we can see that Microsoft is really up and down in Windows Server 2003 security.
When Windows Server 2003 installation is complete, you can use only 30 days if you do not activate, which is similar to Windows XP.
at Microsoft. NET strategy, the status of Windows Server 2003 is self-evident, and its strength is sufficient for this, performance also mission.  Before the advent of the 64-bit computing platform, there was no doubt that it was the flagship of Microsoft's Windows fleet. Rtm=release to manufacture (mass production) is a version to the hardware manufacturer! is to send to the plate, not to sell.
Oem=original equipment manufacturer can only be installed completely, and RTM is similar, just call different.
Rtl=retail (Retail) official Retail edition, can be upgraded or new installation.
Vlk=volume License a large number of authorized editions, also known as Enterprise Edition. No activation required. (On-line so-called Simplified Chinese
VLK version is actually the ordinary Simplified Chinese version of English VLK version of the 8 documents only)
Two, different versions of Windows Server 2003
Windows Server 2003 Web Edition: Provides a web hosting and service platform for rapid development, deployment of Web services, and applications. Support 2-way SMP (symmetric multi-processing) system, 2GB memory.
Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition: for small and medium business and departmental applications. Supports 4-way SMP, 4GB RAM.
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Edition: For centers and large organizations, with 32-bit and 64-bit two versions. Support 8 node cluster, NUMA;
Supports 8-way SMP, where 32-bit version supports 32GB memory and 64-bit version supports 64GB memory.
Windows Server 2003 Datacenter Edition: for enterprises that require strong scalability and high availability, there are 32-bit and 64-bit two versions. The 32-bit version supports 32-channel SMP, 64GB RAM, 64-bit support for 64-channel SMP, 512GB memory, and two-node-cluster-enabled, NUMA.

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